Math 95


  • Math 95 is designed to prepare you for Math 120.
  • Math 95 acts as a prerequisite for Math 120 for those who do not qualify directly for Math 120.
  • Successful completion of Math 95 does NOT serve a prerequisite to Math 96, Math 122, Math 124, or Math 126.
  • A student that completes Math 95 but needs the Math 96 pathway should take the ALEKS PPL to demonstrate readiness for the required math course.


This course is designed as a 15-week experience with a traditional lecture component coupled with online homework completed through MyMathLab software. In addition to traditional assessments, projects that engage you in applicable mathematics will also be given. Classes meet two to three days a week and include math instruction, project-based activities, and assessments which provide a gauge relative to your readiness for Math 120.


  • MyMathLab access is a mandatory component of the course. You do not need to purchase anything before the first day of class. Sign-up instructions will be given the first day of class.
  • You will need access to an electronic device with an internet connection to complete the online homework. Computer labs on campus are available to students who do not have internet access away from school.
  • Though a calculator is not required in this course, it is required in the subsequent course, so it is recommended that you speak with your instructor on the first day to ensure you have the proper technology.
  • Attendance is required.

Online Availability

The online version of Math 95 is for students who are self-disciplined, who can learn outside the confines of the traditional classroom structure, and who are proactive enough to seek help from the instructor if they have difficulty understanding the material.

Limited sections of an online version of the Math 95 course may be offered during the fall and spring semesters. While the type and degree of interaction with the instructor is different in online sections, the content of these courses is the same as the content offered in the face-to-face courses.

The online version of Math 95 provides an opportunity for rich, one-on-one interaction via technology between student and instructor, between student and student, and between the student and the course material. New ideas for enhancing these three modes of interaction are being tested and implemented in the pursuit of continuous improvement, particularly for the experience of the student who is willing to explore the possibilities with those in the online education community.


Math 95 consists of eight modules, each with four defined assignments. The class includes:

  • An online quiz, submit a handwritten homework assignment, and submit an answer to a discussion question.
  • Access to several video-taped lectures and other support material to help you complete these assignments and demonstrate knowledge of the concepts conveyed.
  • At the end of the first four modules, you will be given a two-hour midterm online exam, supervised by ProctorU.
  • At the end of all eight modules, you will take a two-hour final exam online supervised by ProctorU.