ALEKS Math Placement


  • ALEKS is an online, adaptive mathematics placement assessment that will give you (and UNLV) a comprehensive picture of your individual strengths and weaknesses across many areas of mathematics.
  • ALEKS is a PLACEMENT predictor - not an achievement test. There is no need to study for the initial ALEKS math placement assessment. Do not cheat in any manner. Either of these would likely result in your being placed in a course that you are not prepared to pass.
  • It provides you with targeted learning modules based on your strengths and weaknesses, and greater confidence and accuracy in course placement.
  • The sophisticated ALEKS program determines which questions are presented to you based on your previous responses. This technique selects appropriate questions for you and avoids asking you questions that are either too easy or too far beyond your state of readiness.
  • After you complete the initial assessment, ALEKS will provide you with customized learning modules.
  • You can retake the ALEKS math placement assessment up to two more times after engaging the learning modules for the required number of hours (more on this explained in the next module).
  • Your ALEKS account remains active for one year and you have access to the learning modules for 6 months.
  • This program has Proctored Exam(s). Additional verification of identity and additional charges are required. See “Cost” section for details. For more information, visit ProctorU's website. Make sure your computer meets ProctorU system requirements prior to registration.


  • You have two hours to take the assessment
  • There are up to 30 questions in total on an ALEKS assessment.
  • Since the questions are chosen based on your response to previous questions, you must answer every question when it is first given:
    • You cannot leave a question and come back to it later.
    • You must answer the current question before you can move on to the next. As much as possible, avoid answering, “I Don’t Know.”

Availability of ALEKS math placement assessment

  • It is best to take the ALEKS math placement assessment at least two weeks prior to your New Student Orientation (NSO)
  • The ALEKS math placement assessment and learning modules are open all semester. If you take the assessment after NSO, we'll help you with the process to make adjustments to your schedule


ALEKS costs a one-time fee of $25 and includes:

  • One year of account access
  • Up to three proctored placement assessment attempts
  • Modules/topics to prepare you for the gateway math course you need for your chosen major
  • 12 months of access to learning modules beginning when you log into the learning modules for the first time
  • Assessment scores that are valid for one year - the highest score earned counts, not necessarily the last score earned
  • Customized learning modules after you complete the first attempt

Proctoring with ProctorU costs a one-time fee of $15

  • ProctorU charges premium scheduling fees for proctoring scheduled less than 72 hours in advance
  • To avoid re-purchasing ProctorU for your subsequent placement assessment attempts, follow the instructions under Step 5

Accessibility Requests

If you feel that you are in need of accommodations for your ALEKS assessment, please contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to speak with a disability specialist.