Chuck Todd with Harry Reid and John Boehner

Investing in America: The Future of Work

Bringing together leaders from across the public, private and education sectors, the symposium addressed ways to provide workers with the skills needed to adapt in today’s job market and prepare them for the jobs of the future.

About the Symposium

As the nature of work rapidly changes, many Americans fear being left behind. The first Symposium of the MGM Resorts Public Policy Institute at UNLV convenes expert stakeholders from across the public, private, and education sectors who are invested in and dedicated to understanding, preparing for, and shaping the evolving future of work. The Symposium addresses fundamental questions to clarify the challenges ahead and advance pathways to actionable, bipartisan solutions.

2019 Symposium Details

Symposium Videos

Role of Private Sector in Future of Work
Higher Education in Future of Work
Keynote - Rahm Emanuel
Living and Leading the American Dream
Investing in an Adaptive Workforce
Delivering Skills of the Future
Broadening Access to Evolving Future of Work
Closing Keynote