Course Schedule

The following schedule represents the expected course offerings during upcoming semesters, however, actual course offerings may be different because of last-minute changes.

Core Courses Typically Offered in Fall

  • MIS 740 Software Concepts
  • MIS 744 Information Systems Planning & Strategy
  • MIS 760 Data Communications & Networking
  • MIS 762 Analysis, Modeling, and Design

Core Courses Typically Offered in Spring

  • MIS 746 Information Systems Project Management
  • MIS 764 Advanced Web Development & Electronic Commerce
  • MIS 766 Data Management
  • MIS 773 Research Seminar in Information Systems

MIS Elective Courses

  • MIS 770 IS Security, Audit, and Control
  • MIS 777 Project Proposal
  • MIS 778 Technology Venture Feasibility
  • MIS 776 Business Intelligence (prerequisite MIS 766 – concurrent enrollment ok)
  • MIS 779 Technology Innovation


To qualify for federal student loans amp; financial aid packages, students must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Also, to qualify for many graduate student scholarships, students must submit a FAFSA (even if they do not want or do not need financial aid). The deadline is February 1st, however, submissions of an application after this deadline is still useful to be eligible for for scholarship and funding opportunities. Visit the FAFSA website for more information.