Graduate Assistantships (GA)

Graduate Assistant (GA) receive a monthly stipend during the 9-month academic year, a health insurance subsidy, an out-of-state tuition waiver for non-Nevada residents, and tuition reduction assistance. Both domestic and international students are eligible. Details about GA positions and benefits are available on the GA web pages of the Graduate College.

The MIS department has a some GA positions available, which are very competitive. They are awarded to new full-time students at the time of admission for a maximum duration of two years. Starting Spring 2011, applicants interested in being considered for a departmental GA position or renewing their current GA position shall do so by clicking the Apply Yourself application link on the top right side of the GC website. Applicants shall upload their current CV directly into the AY system when applying. All GA applications must be made online by March 1st for Fall admission and November 1st for Spring admission. Applications received after these deadlines will be considered for program admission, but not for a GA position.

After applying online, applicants will then be able to log back into their AY application to check on the status of their application and this is where they will receive their accept or decline letters and their information packet in order to complete the process and accept their appointment.

MS MIS students have found assistantships in other UNLV departments, including the office of Student Affairs, Parking Services, Student Health, and the Office for Information Technology. Student Affairs has information on available positions posted on the Student Affairs website. Other departments may not publicize their GA positions online, which is why inquiries with those departments may be necessary to find out more. Applications must be sent directly to the department or contact person that is hiring. MS MIS full-time students are eligible to apply to those positions after they have been admitted and at any time during their program.

Instate Tuition for Residents of Most Western States (WRGP Program)

Academically qualified MS MIS students who are residents of 13 western states (AK, AZ, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, WA, and WY) may be eligible to enroll for instate tuition if they pursue the degree as full time students with no less than 12 credit hours per semester. Additional information is available on the Western Regional Graduate Programs (WRGP) website. Applicants from participating states who want to be considered for this program must include a short memo with their application materials to the MIS department stating such intend. This tuition reduction is only available for students in the MS MIS program (not for dual degree students).

Reduced Tuition for Residents of Neighbouring Counties

Reduced nonresident tuition is available for residents of several counties in California and Arizona that border Nevada (including San Bernadino County, Mohave County, and others). For more information on the "Good Neighbor" classification, visit the Cashiering website.


To qualify for federal student loans & financial aid packages, students must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Also, to qualify for many graduate student scholarships, students must submit a FAFSA (even if they do not want or do not need financial aid). The deadline is Feb. 1; however, submissions of an application after this deadline is still useful to be eligible for for scholarship and funding opportunities.

Other Funding Opportunities

Reduced nonresident tuition is available for children of UNLV alumnus. View the rules of this program. Information on several scholarships available to new and existing graduate students can be accessed on the Graduate College Scholarship webpages.

External funding sources for graduate students are listed on the Graduate College External Funding Sources website.

The UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarship website is a good resource for other financial aid opportunities. It also includes a section for International Students. The tuition and fees for the MS MIS program can be obtained using the Graduate Student Registration Fee Calculator.