Urgent Care Fellowship


To provide a supply of formally trained physicians capable of performing at the highest levels of clinical competency and efficiency necessary for success in an urgent care setting.

Reasons to Consider an Urgent Care Fellowship

Increased training and supervision in urgent care skills

Family Medicine residency does adequately prepare physicians for a career in urgent care. While many residents go into careers in urgent care right out of residency, they have to learn many of the skills needed "on the job". An Urgent Care Fellowship prepares graduates in a structured setting.


Completing a fellowship can increase your first year salary by 25 percent.


The fellowship has no call, no obstetrics, no continuity clinics (available if desired), opportunities to teach medical students and Family Medicine residents, and most weekend and holidays off.


This 12 month fellowship is a collaboration among the UNLV School of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine in Las Vegas, the University Medical Center, and the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA). It is offered to graduates of an accredited Family Medicine residency program, who wish to further their knowledge base and enhance their procedural skills in the fast growing specialty of Urgent Care Medicine. This is the first fellowship of its kind to focus on the advanced training necessary for a successful career in Urgent Care and our fellowship is the only program available in the western United States.

The focus of the fellowship will be in the management of acute illness and injury in the Urgent Care setting. Emphasis will be placed on Orthopedics, Radiology, Trauma Care, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Adult and Pediatric Emergencies and Disposition Management. There will be a longitudinal component at one of the University Medical Center Quick Care centers, as well as rotations through other pertinent specialties. There will also be a didactic component and opportunities for teaching at the Family Medicine Center. Employment Assistance will be provided at the end of the fellowship through UCAOA.

Supervision for the program will be provided by the clinical staff of the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University Medical Center Quick Care physicians, and community physicians and under the direction of the fellowship director.


Specialty Clinics

  • 2 months Adult Emergency
  • 1 month Pediatric Emergency
  • 1 month Orthopedics
  • 3 months Electives (Dermatology, Podiatry, or more experience in other rotations)
  • 1 month Radiology
  • 1 month Occupational Medicine
  • 1 month Sports Medicine
  • ½ month Practice Management
  • ½ month Cardiology
  • ½ month of ENT
  • ½ month Ophthalmology


  • 3 weeks taken during elective months

Longitudinal Curriculum

  • Urgent Care Medicine 20-30 hours weekly
  • Specialty Clinics 20-30 hours weekly

Optional Teaching and Continuity Clinic

  • Family Medicine 4 hours/week (1/2 day)
  • Precepting Family Medicine residents 4 hours/week (1/2 day)

Didactic / Procedural workshops

  • Fellows will give three, 1 hour presentations to residents yearly
  • Attendance at the UCAOA Spring Conference

Annual Salary

  • $51,928


  • Healthcare for fellows and family
  • Retirement

Optional Teaching and Continuity Clinic

  • Family Medicine 4 hours/week (1/2 day)
  • Precepting Family Medicine residents 4 hours/week (1/2 day)


Program Coordinator

Veronica Freeman