Section 4: Costs, Financial Aid, and Residency Requirements

Tuition and Fees

All student charges and explanation of fees, along with the total cost of attendance for the academic year can be found in the Financial Aid & Scholarships webpage.

Refund Policy

100% refund of tuition and fees - Withdrawal prior to the first week of classes
50% refund of tuition only - Withdrawal after the first week of classes, but prior to the seventh week of classes
No refund of tuition or fees - Withdrawal after the seventh week of classes

*Note that students with scholarship and financial aid may be required to return/repay award amounts based on the withdrawal date.

Financial Aid Policies

Determination of Residency Status

Determination of residency status and procedures is based upon Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and UNLV policies and procedures. Each student will be classified as either a Nevada resident or a non-resident for the purposes of tuition. Non-resident students will be charged non-resident tuition. Fees remain the same for both Nevada and non-Nevada residents.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide accurate information for the medical school to determine residency status. Questions or concerns regarding residency status must be raised in a timely manner. Complete information and instructions are available online.

Medical students are eligible to apply for residency reclassification after the first year of medical school. Complete information and deadlines are available online. Eligibility for residency reclassification will be based upon Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) policies and regulations governing residency determination for tuition purposes found in the Board of Regents Handbook.

Eligibility for Medical Student Financial Aid

Students interested in financial aid, including loans and scholarships and/or grants, and/or VA educational benefits will have opportunities to apply to each according to the guidelines set by the various awarding agencies.

Students must meet academic and code of conduct policies to receive and maintain aid eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress For Medical Student Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid, including loans and scholarships and/or grants, and/or VA educational benefits, are expected to make reasonable academic progress toward completion of the MD degree as a condition to receive federal, select state, or UNLV financial aid programs. In addition, all students eligible for VA educational benefits are required to submit transcripts from all prior post secondary training or coursework for evaluation.

Medical students are responsible for maintaining eligibility for financial aid. Medical students, as professional students, have different financial aid rules than undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to meet with the Director of Financial Aid to discuss their questions or concerns.


Federal regulations require three measurements to determine Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). These include qualitative, quantitative, and timeframe:

  • Qualitative: The Financial Aid Office follows the UNLV School of Medicine’s Student Progress Committee academic review policy, which is established for all medical students, regardless of financial aid status. See Section 7.
  • Quantitative: Students must have academic standing consistent with the UNLV School of Medicine’s curriculum and graduation requirements to maintain continued eligibility for financial aid. Students must successfully complete the requirements in Phases 1, 2, and 3. See Section 7. The medical school does not compute GPA. Students must achieve the minimum grade of PASS (P), which indicates satisfactory completion of all requirements in each course or rotation.
  • Timeframe: The maximum timeframe a medical student has to complete the MD degree is six years


Satisfactory academic progress will be monitored at the end of each academic year of the medical school curriculum, and upon completion of each curriculum phase. Review of a student’s status will be in collaboration with the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions or designee after the medical Student Progress Committee has reviewed the academic progress of all students. The Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions and Director of Financial Aid will meet with each student who is determined to have not met these requirements.

A student who does not maintain their academic progress as determined by the Medical Student Progress Committee will receive a written notice from the committee outlining the remediation requirements, and methods for successful completion of remediation and possible consequences of committee action, which could result in probation, suspension or dismissal from the program.

Students who fail to meet the required financial aid satisfactory academic progress will be ineligible for continued financial aid funding beginning with the academic term immediately following the term in which the satisfactory academic progress requirements were not met. The Office of Student Affairs will notify the student in writing of their aid suspension status and the appeal process for possible reinstatement.

The UNLV School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs and the Registrar is responsible for monitoring student academic progress for medical students.

Repeating Coursework or an Entire Year: Students may receive financial aid funding for the repeat of a failing grade or withdrawal of any class or classes. Repeating the same course may only be funded one additional time. Every attempt of a repeated course counts as an attempt towards completion but it only counts once as completed. Funding will be provided only once for the repeat of the same academic year.

Leaves of Absence: Students who are approved for a leave of absence will not be eligible to receive financial aid during the dates of leave. The Office of Student Affairs and the Registrar will be responsible for notification and tracking student status during approved leaves of absence.

Right to Appeal

Students determined by the Medical Student Progress Committee who do not meet satisfactory academic progress requirements may request a review and appeal of their financial aid status by following the school’s policy for review by the appropriate committees as outlined in the Student Handbook, Section 7. Students who successfully appeal will regain eligibility for financial aid.