Section 3: Resources and Partnerships


The UNLV School of Medicine will build on areas of current strength within the university and develop new programs to address community needs. The main campus of UNLV is home to research efforts that span many disciplines, from the life sciences and engineering to psychology, neurobiology, and computer science. Collaborations are being developed with entities such as the Nevada Institute for Personalized Medicine (NIPM) and the Cleveland Clinic/Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. These relationships provide the opportunity to join in cutting-edge clinical and translational research in areas that include genomics, neurologic disease, and big data analysis. Future program development is anticipated in orthopedics, oncology, and mental health/addiction. These areas are aligned with the UNLV School of Medicine’s mission, and target several of the most important medical needs within the greater Las Vegas community.  

Medical Community Partnerships

UNLV will work collaboratively with existing Las Vegas institutions to establish our city as a world-class medical destination providing the highest levels of clinical care. Additionally, partnering with physicians and hospitals in the community to educate medical students, medical residents, and fellows will be essential to the future ability of Las Vegas to keep physician graduates practicing in Nevada. Medical school's partners include:

Community Service Agencies and Organizations

UNLV School of Medicine has established partnerships with a broad array of community-based organizations, including those providing social, medical/behavioral services, government and faith-based agencies. Medical students will learn about health disparities as they apply best practices to enhance health equity and quality of life. Together with our community partners, UNLV School of Medicine is creating a community-based learning environment.

A complete and current listing of community partners is available online. 

Health-Sciences Library

University Libraries' new Health Sciences Library will be part of UNLV School of Medicine's first academic building, and designed to support the School of Medicine and all other health sciences faculty, staff and students located on the evolving health sciences campus. The Health Sciences Library will incorporate cutting edge technology while remaining high-touch as a partner in student learning and in support of research. The Health Sciences Library will be designed so that all health sciences students can study in teams and for members of the Southern Nevada health sciences community to use as a resource. Library faculty will be partners in student learning, embedded to support evidence-based, interdisciplinary discovery of the latest research information. Physical learning spaces will incorporate multimedia, data and GIS capability for research and for the creation of new knowledge. Authoritative collections will be built and delivered, whenever possible, in electronic formats, enabling access on multiple mobile device platforms. The library's institutional repository will capture and disseminate scholarly papers, research and conference proceedings to showcase the intellectual output of its health sciences faculty and scholars for the world to discover and use. Please visit the Health Sciences Library online.