Section 12: Technology

Social Media Policy

With the increase in social networking sites as well as online communication resources such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other tools, it is common for individuals to post information about their school and work environment. Medical students will have access to very personal and sensitive information about patients and the care provided to them. It is essential to recognize that information posted on these sites is owned by the sites and may be disseminated to individuals well beyond the intended audience. Removing a patients name does not de-identify the information.

Social Media Guidelines for the UNLV School of Medicine

  • Do not post any confidential or patient information on any public website at any time
  • Do not post any photo or video taken during a medical encounter
  • Do not post any photo or video of patients at any time
  • Students are not permitted to use any photographic devices such as pen cameras, google glasses or other devices to photograph materials or otherwise record educational sessions for personal use or distribution.
  • The posting of educational materials on publicly accessible sites is not permitted
  • Posting of material that defames, threatens, harasses or humiliates patients, students, house staff, nursing, administrative staff and faculty are not permitted at any time.
  • Students are responsible and held liable for proprietary, defamatory or libelous material posted on websites.
  • Students are not permitted to post any material that may be misconstrued by a reader as being an official communication on behalf of UNLV School of Medicine

Computer Requirements

To Be Determined