Milestones Accomplished

November 2019

Medical Education Building - Donor plan
  • Governor Steve Sisolak announces a group of private donors has agreed to pay for construction of a medical education complex that will serve as the UNLV School of Medicine permanent campus. According to Governor Sisolak, more than $155 million dollars has been pledged towards the project. The building will be located in the Las Vegas Medical District, on nine acres of currently vacant land at 625 Shadow Lane.

October 2019

Provisional accreditation granted
  • The Liason Committee on Medical Education (LCME), grants the UNLV School of Medicine "provisional accreditation." This puts the two and a half year-old school right on track for "full" accreditation. The LCME survey team visit in March of 2019, looked at 93 different areas of the school, including facilities, faculty, curriculum, finances and student advancement. After granting provisional accreditation, the LCME typically returns in 2 years for another site survey to consider a school for “full accreditation.”

September 2019

  • Internationally known trauma surgeon Dr. John Fildes becomes UNLV School of Medicine Dean.

July 2019

Founding Dean
  • Founding Dean Barbara Atkinson announces her intention to step down step down from the day to day operations of the medical school and assume a different leadership position.

July, 2017

Stethoscope Celebration
  • Charter class of 60 students begin class with the commemorative Stethoscope Celebration held on UNLV campus.
  • UNLV Medicine, the School of Medicine’s faculty practice plan, transitions approximately 750 UNR faculty, residents and administrative staff to begin operations.

June 2017

Legislative Funding
  • 2017 Nevada Legislature approves additional base operating funding to the School by $13 million.
  • $50 million for the Medical Education Building project: Anonymous donor contributes funding $25 million gift to the Medical Education Building project with a matching legislative appropriation of $25 million.

December 2016

First students selected for school's charter class
  • As part of a monthly rolling admissions process the UNLV School of Medicine Admissions Committee voted to accept 14 students who received their offer of admissions on December 27.

November 2016

Interim medical education facility completed
  • Finalized renovation and improvements to the UNLV Shadow Lane Campus Building B that will serve as the interim medical education facility for UNLV School of Medicine students. The space encompasses 20,000 square feet, and includes classrooms for microscopy and demonstrations, virtual anatomy laboratory, a medical library, small group study rooms, a student lounge, recreational gym, and student locker space.
Student applications reviewed
  • Within weeks of opening its admissions process, the medical school received more than 800 applications -- approximately 60 percent of the applicants were Nevada residents or had strong ties to the state. Seventeen interview days are scheduled between November 14 and March 16 to interview medical school applicants.

October 2016

Started student admission's process
  • Launched the UNLV School of Medicine admissions process on October 29 that allowed medical students to apply to the medical school through the national centralized application process, known as the American Medical College Admissions System (AMCAS).
Architectural renderings of new academic campus ready
  • Finalized conceptual renderings of the medical school’s first academic building with architects, Tate, Snyder Kinsey (TSK) and CO Architects. The design accounts for potential growth of the medical school, the need to house 200 clinicians, health sciences library, and planning to develop a Health Sciences Campus for UNLV, which would house the schools of nursing, allied health science, and community health.
Preliminary accreditation granted
  • UNLV School of Medicine was officially granted preliminary accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) on Oct. 18, 2016 and may begin accepting students for its 2017 charter class. The granting of preliminary accreditation means the UNLV School of Medicine met all 12 standards used by the LCME, the national accrediting body that reviews MD-granting institutions in the U.S. and Canada. The standards include the medical school’s leadership, planning, finances, curriculum, faculty, facilities, and student support.
UNLV Medicine Ackerman Autism Center
  • The UNLV School of Medicine opened its first clinical practice on Oct. 13, 2016 in partnership with the Grant A Gift Autism Foundation. The new Center provides families a full complement of autism and neurodevelopmental care including diagnostics, treatment, behavioral support, and transition planning all in one place.

August 2016

ACGME accreditation granted
  • Granted accreditation from ACGME as an institutional sponsor of graduate medical education (GME). UNLV School of Medicine now accept sponsorship of the current residency and fellowship programs at University Medical Center (UMC), Sunrise Hospital, Southern Nevada Veterans Administration Hospital, and the Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services on July 1, 2017.

June 2016

Shadow Lane Land Transfer
  • The Clark County Commission officially approve transferring 9.11 acres to UNLV School of Medicine for its first academic building. The future home of medical school is located at 625 Shadow Lane.
Land agreement, New UNLV Ackerman Autism Center, and using "UNLV Medicine"
  • Land agreement, New UNLV Ackerman Autism Center, and using "UNLV Medicine" approved by Regents The NSHE Board of Regents' approved three significant items for the medical school on June 10: The first was an agreement with Clark County that provides a permanent location for the medical school. UNLV in return agreed to a 10-year agreement with University Medical Center (UMC) to build the region's first Academic Health Center. The second item gave UNLV School of Medicine the ability to open its first patient care facility -- the UNLV Ackerman Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment Solutions. The new center will help to ensure children and adolescents with Autism and neurodevelopment challenges have access to a medical home that provides high quality, multi-specialty diagnostic, treatment, and intervention services becoming a Center of Excellence and model for other institutions. The third item allows UNLV School of Medicine to use “UNLV Medicine” when marketing its clinical operations, student admissions, and other aspects of the school.

April 2016

United Health Foundation Grant
  • Received $3 million grant from the UnitedHealthFoundation to develop innovative programs in bioethics, hospitality in health care, and population health.

March 2016

NSHE Board of Regents Approve Practice Plan
  • Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents approve framework for the medical school's faculty practice plan.

February 2016

Achieved Candidate Status
  • The UNLV School of Medicine is one step closer to accepting its first class of students. The national accrediting body for allopathic medical education confirmed that documents submitted December 2015 by UNLV School of Medicine have earned it a site visit in July.
More Key Hires to the Medical School Faculty
  • Tracey Green, MD, Vice Dean Clinical Affairs.
  • Parvesh Kumar, MD, Professor, Chairman Department of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Program Director, and Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Research

December 2015

MD Program Approved
  • The NSHE Board of Regents approved UNLV School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). The degree will allow the medical school to train a diverse group of future Nevada physicians to work in health care teams, apply cutting-edge technology, and to develop novel, yet classically-based treatment solutions for current and future diseases.

November 2015

Dr. Atkinson Named Founding Dean

October 2015

State Funds Released
  • The Nevada Legislature Interim Finance Committee (IFC) approves releasing the medical school’s remaining $18.4 million over the biennium Oct. 24, 2015.

September 2015

$2 Million Gift; Organizational Structure Approved
  • The Tony and Renee Marlon Charitable Foundation make a $2 million gift to help fund faculty for a new department of orthopedic surgery at the UNLV School of Medicine.
  • The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents approves the UNLV School of Medicine organizational structure establishing 24 teaching departments. UNLV School of Medicine Planning Dean Dr. Atkinson and University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) Dean Thomas Schwenk present plans for transitioning faculty and graduate medical education programs from UNSOM to the UNLV School of Medicine before the NSHE Board of Regents Health Sciences System Committee.
  • Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects from Henderson, Nev., and CO Architects based in Los Angeles are selected to design the new medical school building. Both firms have extensive experience in large and complex institutions. CO Architects has specific expertise in medical education and health sciences facilities.
  • Michael Nasiak, MD, joins the UNLV School of Medicine as an Associate Professor, Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine.

July 2015

More Faculty and Staff Hires
  • With full funding from the Nevada Legislature Dr. Atkinson starts building her academic and administrative team.
    • Stephen Dahlem, Director of case-based learning
    • Neil Haycocks, Director of biomedical science integration
    • Feride McAlpine, Senior Associate Dean for HR and administration
    • Jeffrie Jones, Director of development

June 2015

Governor Sandoval Makes Funding Official
  • The Nevada Legislature approved full funding — nearly $27 million — for the UNLV School of Medicine. Gov. Brian Sandoval signs Senate Bill 514 — the state’s appropriations bill into law at UNLV on June 11. The funds will cover start-up costs, including faculty and staff, program operations, and curriculum development essential to keep the school on track to welcome students August 2017. The funding is for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017. When fully built out, the UNLV School of Medicine will use only 18 percent of state funding. The remaining revenue will come from clinical services, federal grants, tuition and fees, and philanthropy.
  • The Founding Scholarship campaign wraps up in less than 60 days with $13.5 million to secure 135, four-year student scholarships — 60 for the charter class, and 25 each for the next three consecutive classes.

April 2015

Founding Scholarship Campaign Begins
  • The UNLV School of Medicine announces its Founding Scholarship Leader program for the inaugural class of 60 students. Scholarships are $100,000 each and represent the approximate cost of tuition of four years. Within 30 days, community leaders make commitments to fund 52 scholarships.
  • Pam Udall is hired as the Director of Communications.

February 2015

Faculty and Staff Hires
  • Dr. Atkinson announces three new administrative faculty for the UNLV School of Medicine. The trio joins Dr. Atkinson, Chief of Staff Maureen Schafer and Executive Assistant Mersina Swearinger:
    • Ellen Cosgrove, MD, FACP, as the Vice Dean of Education. Dr. Cosgrove served at the University of Washington, School of Medicine in a similar position.
    • Sam Parrish, MD, as the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Student Admissions. Dr. Parrish held a similar position at Quinnipiac University at the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine in Connecticut.
    • Laura Culley, MD, as the Associate Dean for Health Policy and Community Affairs.

January 2015

State of the State Address
  • Governor Sandoval proposes funding for the new UNLV School of Medicine and underscores its importance in his "State of the State" address to the Nevada Legislature. His reference to the UNLV School of Medicine draws a standing ovation — and the loudest ovation — from state legislators and business leaders.

December 2014

Shadow Lane Property Reserved
  • Ten acres of land in the heart of the Las Vegas medical district is reserved as the possible location for the school’s central facility. It is located a block away from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine and the system’s Clinical Simulation Center near Charleston Boulevard and Shadow Lane. The NSHE Board of Regents, Board of Clark County Commissioners and the University Medical Center Board sign a memorandum of understanding.

October 2014

Community Advisory Board Established
  • The UNLV School of Medicine establishes a Community Advisory Board for guidance. The board consists of more than 30 community leaders representing development, gaming, health care, education and business. Michael Yackira, former CEO of NV Energy is named chair. Chairmanship is transferred to Don Snyder, former acting UNLV president four months later. Warren Volker, MD, Chairman and CEO of WellHealth Quality Care is selected vice chair.

September 2014

Accreditation Application Submitted
  • The UNLV School of Medicine begins the 18-month accreditation process by submitting its application to the LCME so it can start its charter class August 2017. Full accreditation projected of the medical school is projected for 2021, the same year the first students will graduate.

August 2014

UNLV School of Medicine Officially Established
  • The UNLV School of Medicine is officially established Aug. 22, 2014 when the NSHE Board of Regents approve a two-year budget and submit it to the governor and Nevada Legislature.

May 2014

Planning Dean Hired
  • UNLV hires Barbara Atkinson, MD as the planning dean for the UNLV School of Medicine. Dr. Atkinson has nearly 40 years of experience in academia and medicine. She previously led a major expansion at the University of Kansas Medical Center campus. As the executive vice chancellor she revitalized the school’s operations to better serve regional needs.
  • The Nevada System of Higher Education, University of Nevada (Reno) School of Medicine and UNLV sign a memorandum of understanding to authorize the creation of an independent UNLV School of Medicine.

November 2013

Public Medical Education Plan Approved
  • The NSHE Board of Regents approves a detailed plan for public medical education in Nevada. The long-term strategy includes the development of a four-year allopathic medical school at UNLV.

October 2013

Economic Impact Report
  • The Lincy Institute commissions nationally recognized consultant Tripp Umbach to prepare an economic impact report on the effects of developing a four-year allopathic medical school in Las Vegas. The report details how a new UNLV School of Medicine will generate $1.2 billion in economic impact and create 8,000 jobs by 2030.

September 2013

Vision Cemented
  • The NSHE Board of Regents Health Sciences System Committee has a robust dialogue on the role of public medical education in the state. Various business models are discussed at the meeting but the vision is clear — public medical education will be an important strategy to meet the existing and long-term health care needs of Nevada residents.

June 2013

Expand Medical Education
  • The NSHE Board of Regents Health Sciences System Committee chair leads a discussion to expand and improve Nevada’s public medical education by creating an allopathic medical school at UNLV.

March 2013

The Vision
  • The NSHE Board of Regents Health Sciences System Committee chair recommends exploring the possibility and impact of developing an allopathic medical school at UNLV.