Fund for Excellence

Your gift provides flexible resources to the dean to invest in the medical school’s top priorities and areas of greatest need such as educational, clinical, research, and community outreach efforts. Such flexible resources are essential to the medical school, particularly during this start-up phase.

Join the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV Dean's Circle by making a gift of $1,000 or more in FY 2017-18 to the Kerkorian School of Medicine Fund For Excellence or to the medical school fund of your choice.

Dean's Circle members will be invited to join founding dean, Dr. Barbara Atkinson, for periodic updates about the medical school and for an annual Dean's Circle reception.


Scholarships ensure the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV can recruit the best medical students, while helping them focus on their education without the worry of large student loans. Read how you can help ease student debt.

Thanks to 41 exceptional donors, our Founding Scholarship Drive in April 2015 secured a total of 135 four-year scholarships – 60 for our 2017 charter class and 25 scholarships for each of the next three entering classes (2018-2020).

More scholarships, both outright and endowed, are needed for the 2018-2020 classes and future classes.

Scholarships help the Kerkorian School of Medicine attract a diverse, highly qualified applicant pool of students who want to pursue their dreams of becoming physicians without being held back by financial constraints. Scholarships allow medical students to focus on their education and select the medical specialty most suited to them.

Scholarship donors can provide one-time, outright support or create an endowed scholarship that lasts forever and will help more students over time as the endowment grows.

Ways you can help or support our medical students' education

Make any size gift to the School's Scholarship Fund, a fully spendable fund, to help offset the costs of tuition, books, fees, and other costs of attendance for students pursuing a medical degree at the Kerkorian School of Medicine.

Create a named, outright scholarship

  • Partial outright scholarship minimum: $5,000 per year for four years or more
  • One-year tuition outright scholarship: $25,0000
  • Four-year tuition outright scholarship: $100,000

Establish a named, scholarship endowment

  • UNLV endowment minimum: $30,000 pledge payable up to five years.
    • While the scholarship awarded initially by this minimum endowment will be small, the endowment will be invested to grow over time.
  • Four-Year tuition endowed scholarship: $1 million

Faculty Support

We are recruiting talented physicians in Las Vegas and across the country to serve as inspiring mentors and teachers for our medical students and residents. We are seeking physicians who are respected leaders in their fields and who want to improve the health of our community. Learn how you can help us attract and retain outstanding faculty leaders.

By July 2017, the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV will recruit 40 new faculty and staff. Faculty support funds, and particularly endowments, provide the margin of excellence for medical school leadership to recruit and retain stellar physician faculty. The funds also provide the resources needed to invest in their specialized programs and research, department faculty and students.

Outright gifts to help cover the costs of faculty recruitment, re-location, and start-up packages can make a difference when securing top faculty choices.

Named, endowed chairs and professorships represent the hallmark of an exceptional academic medical institution because they enhance the institution’s ability to recruit and retain outstanding faculty.

Named, Faculty Endowment Minimums:

  • Dean’s chair: $5 million
  • Endowed chair: $2 million
  • Endowed professorship: $1 million

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