Certificate Programs

Certificate training for medical students, health professional students, and community members who seek advanced education to supplement their activities are currently under development.

Community and Population Health

Physicians are required to be community leaders who can address public health issues. This may involve an epidemic outbreak, ensuring proper immunization of children, public health education, and even advocacy for new laws to better protect the community and residents.

Business and Finance

Physicians need to have a fundamental understanding of business and finance, especially if they want to become administrators of their own practice or become part of leadership in health care facilities. These individuals will need an in-depth education in many areas that may overlap with a MBA program but more geared toward health care.

Clinical Research

Physicians need to understand various clinical research methods to assess the newest information to use in patient care and to incorporate in their practices. This program will ensure a physician can actively participate in clinical trials and compile the findings for others to evaluate and use in clinical patient care.

Leadership and Community

Physicians need to prepare for leadership roles in their communities. This program will educate them about not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that play a crucial role in our communities to support health care. Working with the UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, we will develop a program to instill a deep understanding of urban medicine and its role in society so students can learn leadership skills necessary to improve these services.


Physicians need to apply bioethics in today’s health care world; some issues are very controversial. Ethical issues can involve end-of-life care; human subjects’ research protection, women’s health care, and synthetic biology (the production of genetic material from chemical synthesis). Having experts who can help guide patients and their families through these issues is essential.

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health and addiction is an important issue in Nevada and urban life. We will offer a special program for health care teams including social workers, nurses, physicians, economists, addiction specialists, and others in the field, to explore options for treatment, management and research. This program is in addition to the students’ core rotation in psychiatry and mental health training throughout their curriculum. Particular attention will focus on finding cost-effective solutions to address behavioral health issues.