The UNLV School of Medicine Accreditation Timeline

All United States and Canadian medical schools must be accredited. Accreditation is a multi-year process requiring medical schools to meet strict educational standards to ensure the school produces highly trained and capable physicians.

The nationally recognized accrediting authority for medical education programs leading to a MD degree is the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). The Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association sponsor the LCME.

Programs judged by the LCME to meet national standards of quality are designated as “accredited” for a usual term of eight years.

The UNLV School of Medicine has achieved “Candidate School” status. Our status will change as we successfully meet certain criteria as listed below.

Timeline Accreditation Status/Schedule
September 2014 Applicant Status
December 1, 2015 Submit self-study and preliminary Data Collection Instrument (DCI) to the LCME. The self study summarizes the entire UNLV School of Medicine program. It provides a straightforward, balanced view of the medical school's strengths and weaknesses. We will continue working to improve all aspects of our program as we move through the accreditation process.
December 31, 2015 UNSOM faculty in Las Vegas receive joint appointments between Nevada’s two public medical schools.
February 2016 LCME reviews DCI and self-study and schedules a site visit.
LCME grants UNLV School of Medicine “Candidate status”
July, 2016 LCME conducts a site visit.
  LCME reviews site visit report and determines sufficient progress made for school to recruit students.
October 2016 Preliminary Accreditation Granted.
UNLV School of Medicine can start recruiting its charter class of 60 students.
December 31, 2016 The deadline for applying to the UNLV School of Medicine Charter Class has passed. The school is not accepting any further applications for the class starting in 2017.
July 1, 2017 UNSOM faculty and practices transition to UNLV School of Medicine.
July 2017 First class of 60 students start.
December 2018 Submit self-study and provisional DCI to LCME.
February 2019 LCME conducts a provisional site visit before charter class reaches mid‐point of second year.
May 2019 LCME reviews survey report and determines if sufficient progress has made toward program implementation and compliance with standards.
Fall 2019 Decision expected on provisional accreditation status.
2020 Submit self‐study and full accreditation DCI to LCME.
Spring 2021 LCME site visit conducted early in fourth year of charter class.
Spring 2021 Charter class of 60 students graduate.
2021-2022 Full Accreditation expected (8‐year term).