News Release Request

If you have a story, we want to tell it. Let us know about:

  • Research the public will be interested in. We are interested in results, as well as ongoing projects. To maximize the impact of your story, we like to get the news out immediately before it is published. If you're working on something big that is about to appear in an academic journal, let us know.
  • Expert commentary on breaking state, regional, national, or international news. We can help you write an opinion/editorial, or let media know you have something important to say.
  • Public service or outreach projects. Let us know before you visit a city or town, so we can work with local media.
  • Partnerships with state agencies, projects, or research.
  • Innovative courses or projects.
  • Advance publicity for meetings and conferences.
  • Outstanding students involved in research or community outreach projects.

Contact us for further details at 702-895-3102.