A Message From David Frommer

Portrait of David Frommer

David Frommer, AIA
Executive Director of Planning and Construction

Dear members of the UNLV campus community,

The recommendation for a UNLV campus master plan update was presented to the Nevada Systems of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents at its meeting Nov. 29-30, 2012. The Board of Regents carefully deliberated on the campus master plan update recommendation and approved UNLV’s recommendation.

The recommendation for the campus master plan update was the result of a deliberate and inclusive process. The fundamental principle guiding the planning process, as stated by former President Neal Smatresk, was the development of a first-class environment that embraces our diverse and caring culture and that supports student success and faculty scholarship. An important cornerstone of this process was receiving input and feedback on campus master plan needs, concepts, and alternatives from the UNLV campus community, the Southern Nevada community, collaborative public entities, and our campus private partners.

Your interest, input, and feedback was instrumental to UNLV’s success in developing a comprehensive and thoughtful campus master plan update that not only supports UNLV’s strategic vision, goals, principles and objectives, but also addresses the needs and interests of the UNLV campus community and of Southern Nevada.

However, our work as a campus community is not done as the future of our campus unfolds. As much as our campus master plan provides a strong framework for campus development in the future, there is still much work to be done to support our campus development going forward. Some of these items are noted below:

  • Continued efforts for future campus capital projects and funding. UNLV’s current top major capital priorities are a new Hotel College academic building, new facilities for our nursing and physical therapy programs at the Shadow Lane campus, the replacement of Grant Hall with a new academic building, and the development of an undergraduate instructional lab building.
  • Project planning, approvals, and funding for the mega-events center and university village, in cooperation with Majestic Development Inc., UNLV’s private partner for these projects. As former President Smatresk has shared in the past, the mega-events center will serve as our region's only arena capable of hosting events for more than 55,000 spectators. The university village component is envisioned as offering university facilities and potentially campus housing (contingent on FAA approval), as well as dining/retail venues, and new space for educational, cultural, and civic activities. This mixed-use development would promote a richer, more dynamic campus experience and a greater sense of community by creating a vibrant university village that integrates campus and community life. Future efforts to support these items include execution of a funding/financing plan (consisting of non-UNLV funding, including a tax district on campus land only that is subject to legislative approval, private equity sources, facility naming/sponsorship rights, facility revenue streams, and other sources).
  • Planning and continued collaboration with the campus community, Clark County, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, private land owners, and others in the continued progress and development of Midtown UNLV.
  • Federal Aviation Administration approvals, Clark County agreements for land use, traffic mitigation and other items, among other project items to support the campus master plan and UNLVNow project.
  • Continued collaboration with The AVS Group, our campus housing private partner, in cooperation with UNLV’s Student Affairs Division, to continue to expand the capability, quality, and offerings in UNLV’s campus housing system.
  • Continued collaboration with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to develop the UNLV Transit Center on campus with a projected opening in Fall 2013 as well as look at options to improve the quality of the Maryland Parkway environment and expand transit services to our campus.


David Frommer, AIA
Executive Director of Planning and Construction