Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UNLV conducting a campus physical master plan update at this time?

Each UNLV campus physical master plan (master plan) generally projects the physical development of the UNLV campus over a 10 year period, in accordance with Board of Regents procedures and guidelines and master planning practice, although some components of elements of the master plan may extend beyond this 10 year period. UNLV’s last approved master plan commenced in 2002, and was completed in 2004, so we are approaching the 10 year period of the current master plan.

UNLV has also seen significant change and development to the campus since the 2004 approved master plan, such as the completion of the Student Union, Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Student Services Center Addition, Tropicana Parking Garage, Mendenhall Center, Greenspun Hall, the Science and Engineering Building, and other projects. This significant campus development since 2004 warrants an update to the master plan.

In 2006, UNLV developed a focused update to the master plan that was presented to the Board of Regents, related to the Midtown UNLV area on the east side of campus, that impacted the planning direction of the physical campus. Also, in 2011, UNLV commenced the consideration and planning of the potential for a campus stadium and university village. These significant plans and efforts also require updating the master plan, to ensure they are considered and planned appropriate for the campus.

What will be in the master plan update?

All components of the campus environment being considered for the future of UNLV will be a part of the master plan update process, and this process will also review the feasibility of the inclusion and scale of these items. This includes items such as academic buildings, research buildings, parking, open space, athletic fields, a campus stadium, integration with Midtown UNLV, a university village, intramural field, housing, campus life facilities, campus support facilities and other items.

What is Midtown UNLV?

Midtown UNLV is a planning concept for the east side of UNLV (Maryland Parkway) developed in coordination with privately owned land east of Maryland Parkway, to create a University District in Clark County that simultaneously and cooperatively benefits the university and its mission; business interests; and, the interests of the current and future residents in the area and in Clark County, with a focus on some of the key components as noted below:

  • Increased pedestrian and public safety
  • Better pedestrian and user experience through good urban design
  • Well integrated mass transit
  • Creating a destination that increases community engagement with higher education and all it offers (arts, culture, activity)
  • Mixed use development that supports a range of activities/services
  • Cooperative development between public and private sectors
  • Cohesive and well executed public space
  • Sustainable development practices
What is the schedule for the campus master plan update process?

The schedule is noted below. Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Event Date
Kick Off for Campus Input and Outreach Week of April 23, 2012
Work sessions (exact dates to be determined May 2012–August 2012
Initial Update to Board of Regents-Master Plan process/schedule June 1, 2012
Follow-Up with Board of Regents-Master Plan process/schedule September 6-7, 2012
Campus input/review/comment/alternatives September-October 2012
Campus Master Plan Draft/Recommendations for Campus review October 2012
Board of Regents Action Item for Master Plan update Nov. 29-30, 2012
Who is involved in the master plan update?

UNLV is engaging as many interested parties as possible, including undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, UNLV Foundation members and other parties related to campus and Clark County, such as McCarran Airport, Clark County management, planning and technical departments, surrounding property owners and occupants (residential and business) and other parties.

How do I get involved in the master plan update?

UNLV will be conducting a variety of open house sessions for input and outreach on the master plan update. These will be advertised through UNLV standard communication channels (campus emails and other outreach) as well as via the UNLV website.