UNLV last had a full update to its campus master plan approved by the Board of Regents in March 2004. The 2004 master plan (initiated in 2002-2003) was one of the most formal and comprehensive campus master plans UNLV had created for the campus. Prior to then, UNLV had completed campus physical master plans in 1968, 1978 and 1989.

Since then, UNLV has done a series of focused updates and studies, and has adjusted the campus master plan, including adding a Midtown UNLV master plan update in 2006 to incorporate campus development features and principles relative to the Midtown UNLV vision. An Urban Land Institute Study in 2007 further assessed the basis, scope, focus and features of the integration of the Midtown UNLV vision into the campus master plan.

The development of a phased multi-modal transit center in cooperation with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTCSN) was also formalized based on Board of Regents approval in June 2011. Based on these master plan updated items since the 2004 Board approved master plan, and Board policy that Campus Master Plans be updated approximately every 10 years, and the UNLVNow proposal, a UNLV Campus Master Plan Update is being implemented in 2012.

2012 Planning

Part of the 2012 Campus Master Plan Update will require working closely with Clark County to review any existing campus land uses (with the emphasis on lower density land use functions, such as athletic competition facilities, athletic practice facilities, intramural fields and other facilities that may require relocation) that might be well suited to be placed on Clark County vacant land to the west of the campus, in compliance with any Clark County or Department of Aviation requirements for the use of this land.

Any of these potential existing campus land uses and function relocations to Clark County vacant land to the west would require the support of Clark County and Department of Aviation officials.

The Campus Master Plan Update will also review, at a conceptual level, issues such as on-campus and off-campus access, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, utility infrastructure and other key infrastructure and support items, that will need further study and assessment relative to specific campus facility projects that are identified in the Campus Master Plan Update.

One such project is the mega-events stadium project, which will require extensive traffic, transportation, airport/FAA, utility and other infrastructure reviews, all of which would need to be closely coordinated with Clark County.

A significant part of this Campus Master Plan Update process is to engage the campus community including students, faculty, staff, alumni and board members, and the community-at-large including adjacent property/business owners and general interested parties to provide information on the nature of UNLV’s goals for campus master planning and development.

More importantly, we need to receive input and feedback from these constituents and interested parties to help guide the review, consideration and formation of campus master plan goals and alternatives prior to presenting a consensus and recommended UNLV Campus Master Plan Update to the Board of Regents for Board review and approval.

We are currently projecting another information update to the board of regents tentatively planned for the October 19 meeting, and an action item currently targeted for presentation at the November 29-30 board of regents meeting, if our campus master planning schedule is maintained.


  • Week of April 23, 2012: Completed Kick-Off Process for initial campus outreach and input (targeted meetings and open houses with campus and community groups/constituents)
  • May 2012 – August 2012: Campus master plan concept alternative development, campus work sessions for additional input and outreach and review of campus planning concepts. We will take great care in assuring we do not move too far in our activities over these summer months, as we must ensure a close connection with the campus and off-campus constituents.
  • Week of September 4, 2012: On-Campus sessions for continued campus outreach and input, and review of campus master plan concept alternatives (targeted meetings and open houses with campus and community groups/constituents)
  • Sept. 2012 – Oct. 2012: Campus master plan concept alternative refinement, campus work sessions for additional input and outreach and review of campus planning refinements.
  • October 19, 2012: Information update on Campus Master Plan Update process to Board of Regents.
  • November 2012: Integrate all input, technical items, complete campus master plan update.