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Information Technology

A cutting-edge Information Technology (IT) system and a robust data collection and analysis mechanism can bring tremendous value to any organization, including nonprofits. These systems allow nonprofit agencies to manage their resources more efficiently, enhance their mission to serve with greater social impact, and support their cases with data for funding opportunities.

Nonprofit agencies face many challenges to build or improve their IT and data infrastructures. The Lincy Institute is committed to support the health, education, and social services agencies in our community and will provide opportunities to enhance their IT and data capacities through systems that deliver high quality service with low operating costs.

Current Projects

The Lincy Institute Database

The Lincy Institute database is built as a cloud-based application to collect and store information on health, education, and social service programs lead by UNLV faculty and staff in partnership with community agencies. This information will be used to match UNLV expertise with community needs to enrich collaboration opportunities.

The Lincy Institute Data Repository

The development phase of a comprehensive, community data repository has been launched. The repository will store a collection of statistical reports, facts and figures important to Southern Nevada agencies within the sectors of education, health, and social service. It is the Institute’s intention to make the data repository publicly available with access to research outcomes as well as raw data for deeper analysis.

Constituent Relationship Management System (CRM) for Nonprofits Pilot Implementation

The Lincy Institute is testing the use of a cloud-based CRM, which has been adapted for nonprofit agencies. In a very secure and user-friendly environment, this system will allow nonprofits to organize their data operations effectively and economically. Upon successful completion of the pilot project, the CRM will be promoted with the broader nonprofit community.

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