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Academic and Research Opportunities

The Lincy Institute will create opportunities for strategic engagement with its mission. Check this website frequently for announcements regarding, the availability of research awards, current research and policy briefs, graduate assistantships, and internships.

Senior Resident Scholars and Program Directors

The Senior Resident Scholars and Directors will promote and integrate The Lincy Institute within the university and throughout the Southern Nevada community with outreach and applied research. These positions will:

  • Engage with community agencies (non-profit, for-profit, governmental) in Southern Nevada focused on education, health, and social services;
  • Contribute to the assessment and capacity building of community agencies;
  • Add to a repository of data related to the aforementioned fields of study and operation;
  • Seek and secure external funding from federal, state, and/or private sources;
  • Create original scholarship in the form of scholarly publications and presentations.

The Senior Scholars and Directors will work directly within the community to address large-scale challenges in the areas of education, health, social services, and the information technology. Their public outreach and major research initiatives will be used to build capacity for service providers and enhance efforts to draw new funding opportunities to the greater Las Vegas through federal, state, and private sources.

The Lincy Institute Signature Research Awards

The Lincy Institute will regularly underwrite UNLV faculty and area expert research awards among each of the Institute's four program priorities in education, health, social services and information technology. These awards will be structured to ensure opportunities for collective analysis, which contribute to the goals of the Institute in ways that result in applied research, the generation of pertinent data outcomes, and the publication of scholarly work to enhance the reputation of the university and The Lincy Institute. Read more about the important work accomplished in 2011 and underway in 2012-2013.

Graduate Assistantships

Each division of The Lincy Institute may employ post-doctoral research associates or graduate assistants to ensure that university students have opportunities to enhance their educational programs through direct work with the community and university faculty members.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Lincy Institute will develop selection criteria to offer internship opportunities to highly qualified undergraduate students. Watch for future announcements regarding these positions.

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