Mission Statement

The College of Liberal Arts offers a rich variety of courses, majors and interdisciplinary programs in the humanities and the social sciences. Being well educated involves developing an array of intellectual skills, having the ability to use a variety of methodologies to understand our changing world, and having a broad base of diverse knowledge. Our courses and degree programs are designed to provide such a foundation and to create life-long learners who can adapt to the inevitably changing environments they will encounter.

The college includes outstanding faculty who thoughtfully balance their roles as creators of knowledge through original research and disseminators of knowledge as dedicated teachers. Many of our faculty have earned national and international reputations as a result of their published work in fields ranging from Anthropology to Women’s Studies. We encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of opportunity that our faculty offer at every level. We are also justly proud of our Wilson Advising Center. As you make decisions about your educational future, we encourage you to consult with Wilson Advising and to speak with any professor or chairperson in the College to plan your program of study. Whether you are taking courses in the College to fulfill core requirements or are majoring in one of our degree programs, we welcome you.

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