Director's Welcome

IDP would like to be known for providing students with the critical tool of being able to utilize a mode of inquiry (interdisciplinarity) that by definition is generally not available from traditional academic disciplines. The ability of students to cross disciplinary boundaries and negotiate epistemological differences is a critical one in the new millennium, as we move beyond the constraints imposed by the old “silo” model and into a far more integrated conceptualization of higher education knowledge and learning. This includes not only the cultivation of an interdisciplinary perspective as a mode of inquiry for students, but also an array of interdisciplinary degrees for those students to choose among (Social Sciences, African American Studies, Women’s Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, etc.). As a result, Interdisciplinary Studies prepares students for a variety of career paths, from business to law to health and human services, and provides them with the skills they need to navigate an increasingly complex, multicultural and global world.

Faculty in IDP have active research agendas in the areas of gender, race and ethnic studies, trauma, and health disparities, which dovetail with their teaching interests and expertise. They routinely present their research at national and international conferences, publish in top peer-reviewed journals and are involved in leadership roles in a variety of professional organizations.

Dr. Tim Gauthier, Director