Core Course Sequence

When pursuing a degree in interdisciplinary studies (whether as a multidisciplinary studies or social sciences studies major), you must complete the following course sequence in order.

IDS 201: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Introduces concepts and methods of interdisciplinary study and provides students with the necessary tools to begin integrating their areas of study. Provides students with the opportunity to develop their career exploration skills. Students begin work on their portfolios by focusing on and developing concepts related to each area of study.

Credits: 3

IDS 240: Interdisciplinary Research Methods

IDS 240 aims to foster interdisciplinary research methods by providing students with skills necessary for work in their chosen areas of study. Methods include a critical comparative examination of the practices, protocols, and theories within disciplines as these have developed, both intellectually and institutionally. In systematically comparing the methods and rhetorical strategies of different disciplines, the course develops critical thinking and research skills essential to laying a foundation for further interdisciplinary investigation.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: IDS 201

IDS 494: Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Facilitates the application of interdisciplinary research and research design. Students will develop research questions, and apply various research methodologies towards the completion of their Capstone projects. Students will determine how their work and ideas intersect with the chosen theme, employing their interdisciplinary skills to understand and explore the complexity of that theme.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: IDS 201 and Research Methods

IDS 495: Interdisciplinary Capstone

Entails the completion and presentation of a portfolio demonstrating a synthesis of the student’s areas of study. Portfolio may include a comprehensive report, specialized field experience, internship, or creative production reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the plan of study.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: IDS 201, IDS 240, IDS 494