UNLV College/Unit Communicators

Several colleges/units have dedicated communications professionals to serve their needs. They generally report directly to their dean or vice president and work with the University Marketing & Communications office as needed.

Note: Media relations requests are generally handled by the communicator in the college/unit below. If there is none, visit the Media Relations staff listing to determine the contact for media requests.

Communicators for Academic Units
College/School Communicator Phone Email
Academic Success Center Brandy Smith


Lee Business School Megan Neri 702-895-3904 megan.neri@unlv.edu
School of Public Health Nicole Santero 702-895-3129 nicole.santero@unlv.edu
School of Dental Medicine Kevin Dunegan 702-774-4053 kevin.dunegan@unlv.edu
College of Education Nancy Weaver 702-895-3607 nancy.weaver@unlv.edu
Howard R. Hughes
College of Engineering
Cheryl Bella 702-895-3965 cheryl.bella@unlv.edu
College of Fine Arts Jennifer Vaughan 702-895-1575 jennifer.vaughan@unlv.edu
Graduate College Vaneh Darakjian 702-895-1698 vaneh.darakjian@unlv.edu
Honors College Daniel Coyle 702-895-2257 daniel.coyle@unlv.edu
Harrah College of Hospitality Angela Ramsey 702-895-1016 angela.ramsey@unlv.edu
Integrated Health Sciences Andrea Roa 702-895-2149 andrea.roa@unlv.edu
Boyd Law School Michael Bertetto 702-895-5869 michael.bertetto@unlv.edu
College of Liberal Arts Karyn Hollingsworth 702-895-2513 karyn.hollingsworth@unlv.edu
Libraries Sean Kennedy 702-895-2235 sean.kennedy@unlv.edu
School of Medicine Paul Joncich 702-895-1696 paul.joncich@unlv.edu
School of Nursing Joe Gaccione 702-895-1230


College of Sciences Shane Bevell 702-895-2079 shane.bevell@unlv.edu
College of Urban Affairs
Afsha Bawany 702-895-5139 afsha.bawany@unlv.edu
Communicators for Administrative Units
Unit Communicator Phone Email
Division of Research Leslie Venzuela 702-895-4191 leslie.venzuela@unlv.edu
Division of Ed Outreach Deborah Kastman 702-895-5168 deborah.kastman@unlv.edu
Division of Finance & Business Nicholle Zarkower 702-895-4597 nicholle.zarkower@unlv.edu
Division of Student Affairs Adam Crisp 702-895-3263 adam.crisp@unlv.edu
Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement Stephanie Balzer 702-895-2858 stephanie.balzer@unlv.edu
Enrollment and Student Services Kaci Schroeder 702-774-2918 kaci.schroeder@unlv.edu
Information Technology Nicole Johnson 702-774-4074 nicole.johnson@unlv.edu
Alumni Frankie Andres 702-895-5587 frankie.andres@unlv.edu
Performing Arts Center Shaun Franklin-Sewell 702-895-4714


Police Services Ariana Renick 702-895-5792


Athletics — Communications Andy Grossman 702-895-3995 andy.grossman@unlv.edu
Athletics — Media Relations Mark Wallington 702-895-4472 mark.wallington@unlv.edu