Copier Fleet Management

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Integrated Graphics Services manages the copier fleet, advising departments on the best copier solution for their documented usage, monitors all meter readings, checks all invoices for accuracy, pays the master invoices, bills back departments internally, and coordinates service calls and preventive maintenance with vendor service technicians.

Campus Copier Contract

University Copier Program (effective May 2009 and extended to May 2016)

The current copier contract (initial five-year term extended two years) with Xerox is an exclusive contract that saves the university money (an estimated $4 million over the initial term of the contract) while providing UNLV greater flexibility.

This contract affects every department on campus and provides several advantages and cost savings from past copier contracts and practices. While every department has different copying needs and history, most will see savings in their copying costs, depending on the type of equipment selected and the number of copies made each month.

Highlights of the contract

  • Equipment can be purchased, with a maintenance plan, through this contract.
  • Two Xerox associates are housed on campus for immediate on-site service response.
  • On-site supply and parts storage are available for immediate response.
  • A customized website for ordering equipment and supplies.
  • Invoice payments are handled by the University Copier Program office, which bills departments monthly for their base charges and actual copies made.

Departments with non-Xerox Copier

Departments with copiers leased from other copier vendors will be allowed to maintain existing leases and keep purchased equipment already in place, but when those leases expire or owned equipment needs to be replaced, departments must purchase or lease copiers through the new contract.


Xerox Service

  • Call: (1) 888.364.1103 or 895-2715 (This is a UNLV only direct service line)
  • Have your copier serial number and model number ready.
  • Service from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.
  • Your on-campus Xerox service technicians are Jorge Farias and Charlene Carlson.

Xerox Supplies

  • Call: (1) 888.364.1103 (This is a UNLV only direct supply line)
  • Have your copier serial number and model number ready.
  • Non-chargeable Items: Dry Ink, Fuser Modules, Xerographic Modules.
  • Chargeable Items: Staples

Copier Program Supervisor

  • Information, questions, new requests, upgrades/downgrades, service complaints or compliments.
  • Victor Cinelli, UNLV Integrated Graphics Services
  • Phone: 895-2715

Copier Program Billing

  • Angela Stone, UNLV Integrated Graphics Services
  • Phone: 895-2041

Xerox Contract Accounts Payable

  • Angela Stone, UNLV Integrated Graphics Services
  • Phone: 895-2041

Xerox Account Representative

  • Matthew Cinelli, Client Delivery Manager
  • Phone: 493-9700

Copier Requests

  1. Fill out a Copier Request/Needs Assessment form (copy attached).
  2. Fax Copier Request/Needs Assessment form to 895-4649.
  3. Xerox & UCP will make a copier recommendation with costs and notify requestor.
  4. Once a requesting department has selected its copier and submitted an IDR to the copier program, its request will be added to the contract on the next contract addendum.
  5. Amendments to the contract are processed bi-monthly. This is a lengthy process and can take 4-6 weeks for all signatures.
  6. Copier delivery generally takes 2-4 weeks thereafter, depending on availability.

Contract Amendments - Upgrading or Downgrading Your Copier

Every effort has been made to work with departments regarding meeting department needs and copy volumes; however, changes in equipment have been made in the best interests of the university as a whole in compliance with the contract to keep costs down.

Changes in copier equipment will only be granted if it is truly justified (a specific copier function is needed or a considerable increase or decrease in copy volumes exists).

If you feel you need to upgrade or downgrade your Xerox copier, contact the UCP Supervisor, Victor Cinelli at 702.895.2715.

Requirements of User Departments

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the University Copier Program Xerox contract.
  • Provide a suitable location and space for the copier that meets Xerox and university requirements.
  • Provide required electrical outlets and data drops (if desired).
  • Responsible for any IT charges.
  • Must provide a "key operator/contact" for department copier.
  • Fill own paper trays.
  • Clear paper jams.
  • Change toner cartridges as necessary.
  • Call for service and supplies.
  • Inform copier program if "key operator/contact" staff member changes.
  • IMPORTANT - Be sure to notify the UCP if your department is moving or you need to move your copier to a different location, only UCP staff can move your copier.

Xerox Copier Services Website Information

This link will take you to the UNLV/Xerox Copier Services Website, which will give you information about the University Copier Program, show copier equipment options, and place your copier orders. You must register first to access the site. The portal access code is YND04.

UNLV/Xerox Copier Services Website

Xerox Portal Registration Instructions

Networking Your Copier

If you have a network drop in place, call the UCP Supervisor, Victor Cinelli @ 895-2715 to make arrangements to get your copier networked.

If you DO NOT have a network drop in place for your copier, call Information Technology @ x50777.

Equipment Training

Training can be provided in your department around your schedule. Contact Victor Cinelli, UCP Supervisor, at 702.895.2715 to setup a training session. Periodically, the UCP and Xerox will conduct seminars on efficient use of your digital multi-functional Xerox equipment.

Helpful Hints & Tips

  • When using paper originals, be sure they are clean, unwrinkled, not torn or creased and the same size or they may jam in the document handler.
  • Always store paper at room temperature and away from heating and air-conditioning ducts.
  • For best results always "fan" copier paper before loading it into the paper tray. Sometimes glue from the wrapper will get on the edges of the paper and stick the sheets together. Fanning also puts air between the sheets and reduces static electricity.
  • When loading the paper trays, make sure you have put the paper in straight and even - this will help reduce misfeeds and jams.
  • Tape shut paper in its wrapper that is not used frequently to minimize moisture content, which can result in paper jams and poor copy quality.
  • If you use an auditron code to make copies, be sure to delete your auditron code when done copying - so others cannot make copies to your budget!