Emmanuel Ayim, Ph.D

Associate professor-in-residence
Emmanuel Ayim
Office: BHS 332
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-5743

Tedd Girouard, M.S., ATC, LAT

Program Director, Athletic Training Program
Tedd Girouard
Office: MPE-G 101
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-5828

Sharon Jalene, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs
Assistant Professor in Residence
Sharon Jalene
Office: BHS 528
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-3946

Leo Lozano, MS, CSCS

Portrait of Leonardo Lozano
Office: BHS 352A
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-4671

Graham McGinnis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Gram McGinnis' headshot
Office: BHS 328
Mail Code: 3019
Phone: 702-895-4626

John Mercer, Ph.D.

John Mercer
Office: BHS 218A
Mail Code: 3019
Phone: 702-895-4672

James W. Navalta, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, M.S. Graduate Coordinator
James W. Navalta
Office: BHS 334
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-2344

Brach Poston, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Brach Poston's Photo
Office: BHS 336
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-5329

Kara Radzak, Ph.D., ATC

Associate Professor
Kara Radzak
Office: MPE-G 100
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-4421

Richard Rosenkranz, Ph.D.

Professor/Chair, Kinesiology, and Nutrition Sciences•Integrated Health Sciences
Office: BHS 329
Mail Code: 3019
Phone: 702-895-5198

Michelle Samuel, M.S., ATC, LAT

Lecturer, Clinical Education Coordinator
Michelle Samuel
Office: MPE-G 105
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-1015

Brian Schilling, Ph.D.

Brian Schilling
Office: MPE-G 103
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-1130

Julia Freedman Silvernail, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Julia Freedman Silvernail
Office: MPE-G 104
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-2457

Richard D. Tandy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Richard D. Tandy
Office: BHS 338
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-5080

Gabriele Wulf, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor
Gabriele Wulf
Office: BHS 344
Mail Code: 3034
Phone: 702-895-0938

John (Jack) C. Young, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
John (Jack) C. Young