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Dear Colleagues, Collaborators, and Community Members,

UNLV International Gaming Institute joins the international outcry for social justice, equality under the law, and an end to systemic racism. In our classrooms and in our everyday lives, we vow to listen--to genuinely listen--and to get better as a result. But while listening is an important first step, we also vow to take action by working in a manner that sees, hears, and supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and we ask that we be held accountable to this commitment.

One week, one month, one year from now: we will be better. Here are some of the ways:

  • We will launch a new IGI program that creates pathways and support for minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs), vendors, and startups to benefit from opportunities in the gaming industry.
  • We will diversify pipelines by adding scholarships for BIPOC attendees at our Executive Development Program, and by launching new diversity recruitment programs in our STEAM-related innovation courses at the Center for Gaming Innovation, Hospitality Lab, and Battle Born Girls Innovate.
  • We will increase our BIPOC faculty and leadership numbers, and we will amplify BIPOC voices in front of industry and government audiences across all of the IGI's teaching and research programs.
  • Alongside curricular experts in this field, we will reevaluate all of our syllabi and educational practices to emphasize strong messages of anti-racism, pro-inclusion, intersectionality, and social justice.
  • Finally, we will actively seek to partner with others who share in these commitments.

Thank you in advance for holding us accountable in the fight for social justice.

In solidarity,

UNLV International Gaming Institute


For more than 25 years, UNLV International Gaming Institute (IGI) has provided research-based solutions, cutting-edge insights, and executive education to the gaming industry. Described as the “global intellectual capital of gaming” by former Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and “The Harvard of Gaming” by Global Gaming Business, IGI houses several excellence initiatives, including the Center for Gaming Innovation, the International Center for Gaming Regulation, the Expanding the Leaderverse initiative, and the Hospitality & Esports Innovation Lab. Each of these addresses a vital need in the global gaming industry, for which the IGI serves as an answer center populated by an internationally recognized dream team of contributors. For more information about what we do, please explore the tabs below.

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IGI conducts research that bridges the applied and academic worlds, focusing on multi-disciplinary studies that have introduced academic rigor to real-world settings in cultures and communities around the globe. Stakeholders trust IGI's research to provide independent, objective answers to complex questions. Over the years, IGI has advised 50+ national and international jurisdictions on emerging topics in the industry, including: sports betting, emerging technologies, esports, responsible gambling, and gambling policy.

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Applied Knowledge & Executive Education

IGI’s Executive Development Program is one of the gaming industry’s most prestigious executive education programs. EDP offers industry executives the opportunity to come together and learn about gambling best practices and implementation in integrated resorts.

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Our Center for Gaming Innovation and Hospitality Lab class enable students to create their own intellectual property, including gambling games and innovations to enhance the guest room experience. To date, more than 50 patent applications have been filed between the classes and numerous student innovations are beginning to hit casino floors.

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International Center for Gaming Regulation

Our International Center for Gaming Regulation is the world’s first academic center dedicated to gaming regulatory research and education, guiding the world’s policymakers as they make decisions that govern the industry. This Center was launched in 2016 in partnership with UNLV’s Boyd School of Law.

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Expanding the Leaderverse

UNLV IGI’s “Expanding the Leaderverse” initiative promotes diversity and inclusion in the hospitality, gaming, and tourism industries at the K-12, university, and industry levels. By bridging the gap between university and industry, UNLV IGI aims to also shrink the gender gap that presently exists within the hospitality and gaming industry’s executive representation.

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What's Happening at IGI


  • Professor, Sociology and Hospitality
  • Director of Research, International Gaming Institute
  • Distinguished Fellow in Responsible Gaming, International Gaming Institute
  • Distinguished Fellow in Gaming and Leadership, International Gaming Institute
  • Director, Hospitality and Esports Laboratory

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The founders of the International Gaming Institute envisioned it becoming exactly what it has become—the go-to for academic expertise on the global gaming industry.

Bo Bernhard, IGI Executive Director