Secondary Promotional Logos

UNLV communicators seeking to visually brand their promotional efforts, while staying aligned with UNLV branding, have this new tool at their disposal.

At a time when our national reputation is growing, a new category of official secondary promotional logos has been created targeting campus-based promotional efforts that relate to UNLV’s mission. This is another step that helps moves us closer to a more cohesive, consistent, and unified visual identification system – a key improvement to the way our image is perceived by our audiences.


What Constitutes a Promotional Effort? (Examples)

  • INITIATIVES — Campus Community Garden, Diversity Initiative
  • PROGRAMS — Campus Dining, Family Nutrition Program, Minority Mentor Program
  • EVENTS — Barrick Lectures, Homecoming Week, Genetics Symposium
  • SERVICES — Dental Clinics, Student Health Center
  • CAMPAIGNS — Powering the New Engineer, Campus Climate Survey
  • ORGANIZATIONS — Campus Life, Student Union & Event Services

Promotional Logos ARE

  • Expressive, open, and unique
  • Subject to UNLV Marketing & Communications review before approval
  • Not restricted to official colors
  • Usable in print, websites, and on promotional items
  • Designed by UNLV Creative Services

Promotional Logos ARE NOT

  • Meant to represent official UNLV units
  • Replacements for the primary UNLV logo
  • Interchangeable with unit signatures or lockups

Template setup and example

A template example showing Title, description, explanation, and the position of the logo mark above. Logo of UNLV Thrives next to it for visual.