Official Logo

The UNLV logo is the primary element of the university’s visual identity system.

Our Logo

Our university mark is shown here. It is a monogram, made up of only the letters UNLV combined into a graphic. There is no shape or symbol paired with it. It has been specifically created and adopted as a singular visual element that stands alone in its purpose and integrity, very much like the university it stands for. It cannot be adequately recreated by simply typing the letters. This singular element embodies our larger unified brand, our organizational structure, and our aspirations to become a true Top Tier organization.

This mark should be displayed prolifically and appropriately. UNLV as a unified institution should always be clearly demonstrated in all marketing, advertising, and communications to external audiences.

UNLV logo
UNLV logo in grayscale
UNLV logo with red background

Note on older versions of logo

The older version of the university mark (shown below) that is paired with the proper name of the university set in a black bar is no longer valid. Though still prominent on some older signage around campus, it will continue to be phased out. Please discard any old files of this logo and download or request the current version.

An old UNLV logo with a red line crossing it out to signify no usage.