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Official Logo

The UNLV logo is the primary element of the university’s visual identity system.

Standards and Guidelines

  • The UNLV logo may not be modified in any way.
  • The UNLV logo may not be combined with any other mark or type unless previously approved by UNLV's creative director or specified contractually.
  • The UNLV logo should not be printed over an image.
  • Sufficient space must always be placed around the mark.

Surrounding Space

A minimum of X (X=1/2 the height of the logo) space should be provided around the UNLV logo.

The logo should not appear to be joined with any non-approved elements. Special consideration may be made on electronic communications, apparel, and small items where space is at a premium, provided the logo does not appear to be part of another element.

Overprinting and insufficient contrast

Correct Usage

Scarlet and white use
Black and white use
Use scarlet logo when on a light colored background.
Use white logo when on a dark background.

Incorrect Usage

Non-UNLV colors or screening
Incorrect scaling
Combining the logo with unapproved elements
Overprinting and insufficient contrast
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