Mascot/Spirit Mark

UNLV’s official mascot is known as “Hey Reb!” Hey Reb! has evolved over the years but still embodies our Rebel spirit at athletic events, student, and alumni activities. His primary purpose is to promote university athletics and to generate school spirit.

Standards & Guidelines

  • “Hey Reb!” should not be used to promote academic programs, colleges, and administrative units. These groups should use the official UNLV logo.
  • “Hey Reb!” is trademarked and licensed. The official pose includes the letters UNLV curved over the mascot’s head. No other pose is authorized or recognized by the university. The full body pose of “Hey Reb!” is no longer in use.
  • Alterations should not be made to the official “Hey Reb!” pose because they undermine trademark protection.
  • To use the mascot on T-shirts or other merchandise items, contact the Trademark and Licensing office.