Department & Center Logos

Departments & Programs

As mentioned in the previous section, entities that function under the umbrella of a larger unit must use a “lockup” that designates them as being a part of the larger entity under which they function. Some examples of these lockups appear below. These lockups are intended for limited use in department signage and other applications. Letterhead, business cards, and one-off specialty item applications are treated separately as appropriate for the format. Examples shown.

Logo of UNLV and the school of medicine, department of orthopaedics.
Department of Criminal Justice logo


There are many centers and institutes across campus that are based within academic units and that operate with the purpose of serving a specific need for a specific audience. These are approved and require a format that emphasizes the center name as the primary identifier while still maintaining their UNLV identity. Exceptions are determined by Integrated Marketing & Branding on a case-by-case basis. Example shown.

logo of English language center