Micro-Research Projects

The ICGR provides brief research based projects that help to turn topical data into information; we call these Micro-Research Projects. Many of our stakeholders are individuals, smaller companies, and regulatory bodies that do not always have the staff, time, or resources to compile data on certain topics that may impact day to day operations or strategy. Often, it is the higher level summary information that helps to prompt a deeper dive. The intent of our Micro-Research Projects is to offer that primer. These can be used to quickly locate information about specific aspects of gaming operations and regulations. More Micro-Research projects will be added in the near future as they become available, specifically relating to cashless wagering and regulatory structures across states. As an academic institution, the ICGR supports student involvement with these projects and we are pleased to present undergraduate and graduate student work in this section. All student-produced work is reviewed by ICGR executive staff for accuracy and completeness prior to inclusion.

iGaming by Jurisdiction - MR 1.0

This Micro-Research Project compiles the current legality of iGaming in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alderney, and the United Kingdom into a comparative table. This table can be used to quickly compare specific aspects of iGaming - such as licensing costs, permitted games, taxation, and more - in each listed jurisdiction. Information is presented in a succinct manner for ease of viewing.

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