Message From our Executive Director

September 2020

As I look back over the summer, I see that our industry is in a recovery phase, as some regional US markets have achieved pre-COVID levels of business; others, such as destination markets, have a long road of recovery ahead. The ICGR has transitioned our thought-leadership and education programs to an online delivery format with great success and focus. I am proud of our very small team’s accomplishments. Here are some highlights:

June 2020

  • Mapped and rebranded the ICGR's educational materials with new presentation templates, looks and feels, and updated content.
  • Established and formalized the ICGR’s research presentation and publishing sections including Fellowship research, White Papers and Articles, Micro-Research projects and Fact Tables. 
  • Engaged our Educational Partners with an Online Learning Seminar hosted by UNLV’s Office of Online Education.

July 2020

  • Successfully executed a revised ICGR Sports Betting seminar and had attendance reach into the all-time top three for ICGR seminar attendance. 
  • Conducted Regulator Roundtable meetings to continue the discussion about pre-openings due to COVID and establish and hosted a data repository for US domestic regulators to contribute jurisdictional pre-opening plans and to exchange strategies.
  • Moderated several Conference panels including Colorado: Best Practices for Sports Betting Regulation, and Regulators: Reopening and its Challenges. 
  • Worked with the multiple Nevada agencies and the UNLV Lee School of Business to develop new licensing investigations programs for Cannabis regulation.

August 2020

  • Launched the ICGR’s Fall Educational Seminar program with new offerings and several new instructors.
  • Regularly convened the original five executive directors for the Regulator Roundtable to discuss roundtable direction and execution.
  • Submitted ICGR Fellow Dr. Ryan Rodenberg's paper, Regulating Sports Betting Data, into the official record for the United States Senate hearing on Protecting the Integrity of College Athletics.
  • Engaged for a government advisory project to evaluate regulatory processes.
  • Launched a revised ICGR’s marketing strategy to ensure that stakeholders and internal execution is positioned for maximum exposure. 
  • Published new fellowship research: Regulating Sports Betting Data and Online Sports Betting in a Federal Structure.

This has been another very productive period for the ICGR!

Joe Bertolone
Executive Director
UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation