Message From our Executive Director

The UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation’s primary objectives are to drive regulatory education and research, while offering an independent, neutral and safe harbor platform to convene industry leaders for strategic thought. The dedicated staff that has built and supported ICGR has done an amazing job over the last three years. The following highlights at the close of 2019 are extremely positive and well worth noting for an organization that has only been in existence for three years:

  • 2,300 + students served at UNLV and offsite locations
  • 1,754 + educational hours conducted
  • 150 + jurisdictions represented in our classes from around the world
  • 95 topics offered
  • 36 Educational Partners participating in ICGR Curriculums in addition to UNLV professors

When you take an even closer look at the data, another thing that stands out to me is that our students have been gaming and non-gaming regulators, operators and manufacturers, state and federal legislators, accountants, lawyers, news organizations, trade group representatives, federal and state law enforcement, sport league representatives and UNLV students. This is truly a broad spectrum of individuals that have participated in our classes. ICGR classes are offered in a thoughtful and thorough format. Our academic setting with law school professors, industry experts and practitioners make for a truly unique educational experience, materially differentiating the ICGR from other seminars, forums or conference formats. Moreover, as the classes are typically designed with the opportunity to exchange ideas and questions amongst attendees and instructors. Simply put, learning goes well beyond the classroom through the relationships established while at the ICGR.

Our location is invaluable. We have access to and regularly engage the most seasoned regulatory, academic and gaming industry experts from around the world. To be clear, we don’t just offer a local perspective, rather, we leverage the University’s reach and proximity to the very industry we regulate and study.

In the coming year, in addition to our full slate of existing classes, we will continue to evolve our offerings with revised and new curriculum.

Universities do certain things really well - we educate, convene and research. I look forward to carrying on the hard work and executing our objectives as we continue to build the ICGR.

Joe Bertolone
Executive Director
UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation