Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Center for Aging Research and Education (ICARE) website. The vision of ICARE is to lead efforts at the university, state, national, and global levels to improve the aging experience and enhance the health and well-being of older adults through innovative, interdisciplinary research that informs education, training, services, and policy in aging.


The mission of the Interdisciplinary Center on Aging Research and Education (ICARE) is to improve health outcomes by fostering an interdisciplinary, collaborative, practice-ready workforce. ICARE is dedicated to creating a multi-disciplinary environment, bringing together scholars interested in aging issues, while fostering and promoting interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach efforts in order to understand and improve the health and well being of older adults.


  • To engender collaboration, foster research from the various disciplines, and support investigators around a specific research project.
  • To share resources and increase opportunities for networking with other centers on aging, service professionals, and the community at large.
  • To continually analyze outcomes and processes to improve quality of care, reduce cost, and influence policy in aging health care, training, and other national and international initiatives.