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WEB Contracts MD & 911 Series

MD - I-9 Management Process

MD - Ending Letter of Appointment Contracts

MD - Error Messages

911 - Using WEB Contracts

911 - Account Number Changes

911 - Leave of Absence Contracts

911 - Letter of Appointment Training

  • LOA Training – Part 1 
    What is a Letter of Appointment?
    Who is paid on a Letter of Appointment?
    What information is needed to begin preparing a Letter of Appointment?
    What are the Required Hiring Documents?
  • LOA Training – Part 2 
    How to use the WEB Contract Program
    How to create a NEW HIRE Part-time Instructor contract
    Before you begin
    Review the fields and codes for Letter of Appointments
    Review of the documents and appropriate signatures

911 - Calculating FTE

Letter of Appointment with Retirement Eligible Earnings Contracts

  • LOR Contracts 
    What is an LOR Who qualifies for an LOR?
    How do you calculate the earnings for an LOR?

Specialty Contracts

Student/Hourly PAF Training

Postdoctoral Scholar Training

Administrative & Academic Faculty

Professional Staff Evaluations

Notices of Nonreappointment and Contract Termination

Position Description Questionnaires

Classified Staff

Leave Programs