Transfer to Another NSHE Institution

As you prepare to transfer to another NSHE Institution, there are a number of items that you need to address to ensure a smooth transition. Below are tips on how to achieve this:

Notify Your Supervisor

Talk to your supervisor about your intent to transfer to another department. Once your transfer date has been set, notify your supervisor what your last day working day with your current department will be.

Notify Human Resources (HR)

Email to notify HR that you are planning on transferring and to schedule an offboarding appointment. The email needs to include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Current department and contact number
  • Your last day with current department
  • Name of the UNLV department you are transferring to
  • Start date of new position

Discuss Your Time Off

We recommend that you meet with your department leave-keeper to ensure that all of your time off requests are correct in Workday. Confirm with your receiving department that your remaining balance will transfer.

Return Department Property

Return department property, including office keys, access cards, or department credit cards.

Settle Any Outstanding Debt Owed to the University

Debts can include but are not limited to library fines and parking citations.

Update Workday

Complete any outstanding Inbox items and update your contact information, including your email address. Your UNLV email will end on your last day of employment.

Please note a break in service would result in a separation and rehire, rather than a transfer.