Search Advocate Directory

Below are academic and administrative faculty from across campus who were trained to serve as Search Advocates. Click on an image to view a faculty member's unit, faculty appointment (academic or administrative), and thoughts about a fair and equitable search process. To request a Search Advocate, send an email to with the following information:

  1. For each position that you would like a search advocate for, provide the position title, position number, and department/unit name.
  2. View the list of Search Advocates below and provide up to three names of individuals that you would like to serve on your faculty search committee. Please observe the following guidelines:
    1. Select an advocate outside your college/school or division. 
    2. Know that academic faculty should serve on academic faculty searches and administrative faculty should serve on administrative faculty searches. 
    3. Due to scheduling, some advocates may not be available, so please submit more than one name.

Upon receipt of your email, we will verify each Advocate’s availability before confirming the advocate assignment. For questions, contact

Ashley Pistoria
Benjamin Burroughs
Bernie Hurlburt
Bonnie Brucato
Bryan Blankfield
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Jaci Batista
Jason Flatt
John Starkey
Mari Soto-Valdez
Marni Dow
Monika Neda
a headshot of Nate Bynum
Nicole Espinoza
Patrice Leverett
Peter Navarro
Rebecca Paulson
Rebecca Rogers
Rei Serafica
Ron Blaze
Sebern Coleman