Onboarding, as a first-year experience, allows us to develop a relationship with the new employee in a way that supports and fulfills the employee and results in their increased engagement, retention, and productivity. This checklist is intended to serve as a starting point for you (the department) to welcome and help orient your new employee(s) through a meaningful process.

Before a new employee starts, the supervisor or hiring manager is encouraged to pair the new employee with an onboarding colleague who will work together with the new employee to complete the checklist and act as a “go-to” person for work=related questions and advice. Additional activities should be included that are relevant to the new employee’s area.

Open communication between the supervisor, new employee, and onboarding colleague is crucial to everyone’s success.

Prior to the First Day

Task Who Initiates the Task
Initiate the Hire Business Process in Workday. Hiring Manager
Confirm the offer letter has been sent to the new employee. Hiring Manager
Contact the new employee after confirmation of acceptance with a warm welcome and provide critical first day information:
  • When to arrive (day and time)
  • Where to park and report
  • What documents to bring (applicable dependent marriage and birth certificates for benefits)
  • Review appropriate attire for the workplace
  • Provide the new employee with a contact in the event of a question
  • Tell the employee to bring in identification for the I-9
Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Set up the new employee’s office/workspace:
  • Assign a desk, computer, and phone if applicable
  • Order keys, business cards, and computer
  • Set up telephone and cell phone if applicable
Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Assign an onboarding colleague for the new employee’s first two months on the job. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Schedule a Benefits Enrollment Class by calling 702-895-3504. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Send an announcement via email to the department announcing the new hire with their start date and update any applicable organizational charts and websites. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
For Academic Faculty only:
  • Provide the new hire information to Faculty Affairs (for orientation purposes)
  • Obtain the welcome packet provided by Faculty Affairs
  • Direct the employee to send an electronic version of the updated curriculum vitae to the department/unit as soon as possible (including new local address and phone number). Some colleges/schools require a copy to be forwarded to the dean.
Hiring Manager or Supervisor

First Day

Task Who Initiates the Task
Introduce the new employee to colleagues and arrange a welcome lunch. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Discuss policies and procedures for scheduling time off, unexpected absences, reporting leave, and reporting business travel. Review appropriate attire for the workplace and review emergency procedures. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Go over phones, fax machines, copiers, office supplies, etc.; discuss mailboxes and procedure for inter-campus mail; provide a general UNLV computer orientation at their desk (sign-in, shared networks/drives, ULV mail, listserv subscriptions, websites, etc.); and give a department and building tour. Onboarding Colleague
Provide the link to the NSHE Handbook, maintained on the NSHE website. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Provide the link to the UNLV Bylaws on the Faculty Senate website. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If needed, obtain a temporary parking permit issued by Human Resources. They are available for 10 calendar days and the employee needs to be hired in Workday before the permit is available for purchase. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If you hired a postdoctoral scholar, provide them the link to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) website. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If you hired classified staff, provide the share the link to the Classified Staff Council website. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If you hired academic or administrative faculty, share the link to the Faculty Senate website for information about shared governance. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If you hired academic faculty, review the semester memo which obtains policies for faculty and teaching staff on the UNLV Policies website in the Executive Vice President & Provost section, Semester Memos. Hiring Manager or Supervisor

First Few Days

Task Who Initiates the Task

Have the employee use their ACE account to login to Workday and initiate the onboarding business process. Included in the process are:

  • I-9
  • Withholding election (W-4)
  • Payment elections (direct deposit)
  • Unpaid compensation
  • Beneficiary
  • Submit education
  • Benefit elections
Hiring Manager or Supervisor

Have the employee attend their Benefit Enrollment Class. Topics covered include:

  • PEBP health insurance
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Retirement
  • Safety training
  • UNLV resources
Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Review job responsibilities, competencies, expectations, performance feedback, and appraisal process. Supervisor
Review the following with the new employee:
  • Department’s mission, strategy, values, functions, and procedures
  • Organization of the department
  • Critical members of the department
  • Departmental staff directory, calendar, and confidentiality of information
  • Emergency regulations
  • Health and safety training
Hiring Manager or Supervisor
Have the employee complete the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination training assigned to them in REBELearn. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If supervising classified employees, arrange for state of Nevada mandatory supervisory courses. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If you hired postdoctoral scholars or academic or administrative faculty, schedule time to attend New Faculty & Staff Orientation. Hiring Manager or Supervisor
If you hired academic faculty:
  • Have them meet with a Disability Resource Center representative to learn the guidelines of how to serve students with a disability in the classroom
  • Review the memorandum from the Executive Vice President and Provost prior to each semester related to the minimum criteria for syllabi which includes a statement related to Disability Resource Center services to include in your syllabus (ask your department administrative assistant or faculty affairs)
Hiring Manager or Supervisor

First Month

Task Who Initiates the Task
Obtain your RebelCard University ID by bringing a valid state issued photo ID and your NSHE ID number to the RebelCard Office in the Student Union. You will find your NSHE ID number in Workday. Call HR at 702-895-3504 for assistance. Employee
Review and clarify performance objectives and expectations after the first month. Supervisor
Set up a brief meeting with the department or unit head. Supervisor
For postdoctoral scholars, receive a welcome email from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and complete the UNLV Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Onboarding Survey Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
For classified staff, review the State of Nevada Employee Handbook. Employee

Third Month

Task Who Initiates the Task
Review and discuss the staff member’s performance objectives. Supervisor

Sixth Month

Task Who Initiates the Task
Review performance objectives and progress. Supervisor
Discuss completed training and training planned for the future. Supervisor
For classified staff, there are performance evaluations for the seventh and eleventh month periods. Supervisor

Twelfth Month

Task Who Initiates the Task
Complete the twelve month performance evaluation. Supervisor