Employee Forum and Lingo Glossary

Have you ever wondered how someone in a similar position handled a situation or issue? Would you like some insightful feedback or a referral to a helpful resource?

The Employee Forum is maintained on a volunteer basis by a group of your peers. Each member is an experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic employee who performs a valuable function for our university.

The Forum augments your professional network and is not a replacement for your supervisor or a subject matter expert.

As our database of inquiries and responses grow, you may be able to search the archive to find what you need right away.

We are here to support your success!


  • Anyone using a UNLV email address may submit a question and the Forum administrator will review it to ensure its appropriateness for posting.
  • Select the option for email notification to receive posting alerts.
  • You may send an email to PeerInquiry@unlv.edu to request an anonymous posting.