Am I Eligible to Retire?


Pursuant to NAC 287.135, retirees are eligible to continue to receive the Public Employees’ Benefit Program (PEBP) Health Insurance plan in retirement. To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have participated in either the Retirement Plan Alternative 401(a) program, or the Public Employees' Retirement Plan of Nevada System for at least 5 years as a full-time employee or the equivalent of a full-time employee.
  • Be receiving any distribution of retirement benefits from one of the following retirement plans:The Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS);
    • Nevada System of Higher Education Retirement Plan Alternative Program 401(a)
    • Nevada System of Higher Education Tax Sheltered Annuity Program 403(b)
    • State of Nevada Deferred Compensation Program (457)

Initial Start of Retiree Coverage

The initial start of coverage is the first day of the month if the retirement date is on the first; otherwise, the initial start of coverage begins on the first of the month following the retirement date. For example, if your retirement date is June 7, your coverage will begin July 1. If your retirement date is July 1, your coverage will begin that day.

Retiree Health Insurance

The retiree health insurance plan for retirees under age 65 is the same coverage that is available as an active employee and will continue to be your primary insurance until you qualify for Medicare (generally age 65).

Your retiree insurance package in retirement includes:

  • Medical (choice of plan)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement account (HRA)
  • Term Life Insurance Policy - $12,500

Once you are 65 and a retiree (or a covered spouse/domestic partner of a retiree), the Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBP) requires you to enroll in Medicare. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will determine your eligibility for Medicare.

Your retiree insurance package in retirement includes:

  • Part A (Only required if you qualify for premium-free Medicare A coverage)
  • Part B (Required for all retirees and spouses age 65 and over)
  • Part C (VIA Benefits the individual Medicare Market exchange working with PEBP will enroll participants in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement (or MediGap) and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage) VIA Benefits online plan comparison program offers a variety of tools to help you compare insurance plans and premiums.
  • Exchange Health Reimbursement Arrangement (VIA Benefits HRA)
  • Term Life Insurance Policy - $12,500

If you started employment with the University prior to 1986, Medicare taxes were not being deducted from your pay. As a result, you may not qualify to receive Medicare Part A for free. You will need to obtain a letter from Medicare indicating that Medicare Part A could be obtained, but for a premium. This will allow you to continue with retiree health insurance, but the plans available to you will be limited to those plans available to pre-Medicare retirees.

Retirees who have health coverage through TriCare are eligible to receive the HRA funding, without requiring to enroll in a medical plan through VIA Benefits.

If you are retiring after reaching 65, or are covering a spouse who is 65 or older at the time of your retirement, Social Security will require an employer verification that you were covered by the PEBP group plan during the period between reaching 65 and retiring. The forms should be submitted to the Social Security office at the time of applying to avoid a penalty. For further information, contact Medicare at 800-633-4227.

Retiree Pre Medicare and Medicare Rates

The cost of coverage is dependent upon the type of coverage you choose and your total years of service with the State of Nevada. The higher your years of service the higher your subsidy will be. The minimum subsidy is for 5 years and the maximum subsidy allowed is upon reaching 20 years of service.

Depending on when you were hired in a benefits eligible position, the state retiree subsidy will be applied accordingly.

The retiree health insurance premium is paid directly to PEBP through monthly direct billing. Retirees who are receiving a retirement check from the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Nevada (PERS) will have the monthly premium deducted from their PERS retirement check.

Pre Medicare and Medicare Rates

Enrollment Process

Make appointment with a Benefits Representative at 702-895-3504. During the appointment assistance will be provided to evaluate your options and complete the required enrollment forms to continue with a medical plan after retirement. Due to the timeframe needed to process the forms the recommendation is to meet with us at least 90 days before retiring.

Special Circumstances

If you are a retiree with Medicare Parts A and B and you also cover a spouse, domestic partner or child(ren)withoutMedicare Parts A and B, you will have the following enrollment options.

  • If you would like to cover only yourself and have Medicare Part A and B, you must select a medical plan through the VIA Benefits Medicare Exchange.
  • If you would like to cover yourself and your spouse or domestic partner and you both have Medicare Part A and B, you must select a medical plan through the VIA Benefits Medicare Exchange.
  • If you would like to cover yourself and one or more dependents and at least one person you are covering does not have Medicare Part A and B, you may choose from the following two options:
    • You and your spouse or domestic partner and/or child(ren) may remain on the CDHP or an HMO plan. As the retiree, you must enroll in Medicare A and B, Medicare will be the primary and PEBP will be secondary.
    • Medicare Part A individual(s) may enroll in an individual medical plan through the VIA Benefits Medicare Exchange and the dependent(s) who are ineligible for Medicare Parts A and B may select either the CDHP or an HMO plan.