The Benefits of Faculty and Staff Development

According to "Needed: Leadership Training for Faculty and Academic Staff" published in Inside Higher Ed by:

  • Keith E. Whitfield, president, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Annmarie Caño, associate provost for faculty development and faculty success and professor of psychology, Wayne State University

Supporting leadership skills training for faculty and staff provides many benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Increasing the pool of talent that is ready or near ready to take on new positions.
  • Enhances diversity and inclusion of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups.
  • Institutions will be better prepared for the challenges of 21st-century higher education.

Online Professional Development Opportunities

Virtual opportunities to invest in your learning and growth - available free of charge to all UNLV employees.

  • Academic Impressions – An online library of tools, training, and resources geared specifically toward institutions of higher education.
  • EAB - Webinars, toolkits, and other resources on best practices in higher education.
  • Educause – An association that supports those who lead, manage, deploy, and use information technology to advance higher education. UNLV faculty and staff have access to Educause tools, research, peers, and professional learning.
  • LinkedIn Learning Thousands of on-demand courses on business, creative, and technology skills.
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) – Nationally-recognized, independent organization that provides online career development and mentoring resources for faculty, post-docs, and graduate students.

Virtual Professional Development Seminars

Human Resources is pleased to offer virtual professional development seminars for all UNLV employees. Seminars are designed to build skills in a wide-range of topics that directly relate to the work we do here at UNLV. Trainers create an engaging environment that combines presentations and activities with thought-provoking discussions. 

Each topic is offered as a series of 2-4 sessions. Content builds upon previous discussions, so we encourage you to attend all sessions in a series. This will allow you to participate in a meaningful way and maximize the benefits of your experience. 

Because of the interactive and engaging nature of the training, participants must join from a computer with a working video camera and microphone. Participation is free, registration is required, and space is limited. Registration opens six weeks before the series and closes the Monday before the series begins.


No events found. Please check back soon.

UNLV Leadership Coaching Program

The UNLV Leadership Coaching Program (LCP) connects university employees at all levels with a certified leadership coach to help them implement personal and professional change. Coaching is delivered through a series of one-on-one sessions as outlined in an individualized coaching plan. Visit the UNLV Leadership Coaching webpage to learn more about the program and meet the coaches.

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Customized Workplace Solutions

Human Resources' Organizational Development (OD) department is available to partner with units across campus to provide strategic, customized solutions to workplace challenges. Their results-oriented approach focuses on these goals:

  • Achieving greater levels of effectiveness and productivity
  • Enriching the lives of faculty, staff, and ultimately students

Services include:

  • Team Strengthening activities
  • Mission, vision, and values development or revision
  • Strategic planning
  • Climate assessments
  • Discussion / education groups


These services, if provided by HR/OD, are no cost. However, there may be times when it is necessary to refer out for services. If so, every effort will be made to ensure services provided are cost effective.

Request a Service

If you are a leader of a unit or team and would like to learn more about or work with OD, please complete this form. If you are an individual interested in one-on-one assistance with your personal goals, please contact Director of Organizational and Employee Development, Erin Collier,


Management Training Academy (MTA)

UNLV Management Training Academy (MTA) is a foundational training series designed to provide clear, standardized expectations and development opportunities for all university personnel who manage non-student employees. The eight-week program includes live seminars, interactive time with colleagues, panel discussions, and online seminars taught by UNLV faculty and community professionals. Visit the MTA webpage to learn more.

Manager Required Training


UNLV’s enterprise-wide learning management system (LMS) focused on professional development.

Real Colors

Real Colors is a four-color personality assessment and workshop designed to help people better understand themselves and each other. It creates a common language that helps improve communication and create an environment in which everyone’s motivations and perspectives are better understood.