Leavekeeper i-Leave Instructions

As a leavekeeper, you are responsible for maintaining accurate records of earned and used leave for your department/unit. With the implementation of the i-Leave system and automated process of requesting and approving leave, your workload will be reduced, and you will now need to monitor transactions on an exception basis only, including:

  • Adding/editing faculty and/or staff information
  • Changing full-time equivalency (FTE)
  • Transferring an employee to another department
  • Changing the leave accrual plans, i.e. classified to professional
  • Deleting an employee
  • What forms to complete when an employee is on leave without pay, FMLA, catastrophic leave

How to Access i-Leave

All current leavekeepers have been provided the information to access the i-Leave system. In order to provide a new leavekeeper permission to view additional information in i-Leave, contact [email protected], and provide them with department/unit information and the name of prior leavekeeper and the name of the replacement. If you cannot see all the people you maintain leave for, or are getting an error message, contact Kim Hilliard at 895-0413.