Faculty and Staff i-Leave Instructions

Leave requests submitted through i-Leave, with the exception of an emergency, should be requested and approved in advance. If the supervisor listed is incorrect, or if your initial leave balances are incorrect, contact your leave keeper.

Academic faculty, administrative faculty and post doctoral fellows must request leave in half day or full day increments as prescribed by the Board of Regents, title 4, chapter 3, section 22. Classified staff must report leave to the minute of time actually taken as prescribed by NAC 284.5255.

UNLV ACE account information

  • All active UNLV faculty and staff will receive the UNLV ACE account information directly from the Office of Information Technology through your official email address.
  • The ACE account will give you one username and one password to access i-Leave. This same account information will also allow access to the Archibus (Web Central) and/or Munis application, if needed.
  • Once the ACE account information is received, you can change your password. If you have access to Munis and/or Archibus (Web Central), your ACE account will be the same for all three systems.
  • If you are a new hire, you will need to submit a request for an ACE account.

To update your email address, the department's ARCHIBUS Web Central Contact for Space will need to be informed. If unsure who the contact is for the department, please contact Space Management at ext. 5-0484.