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Grant-In-Aid – Professional Employees

As a professional employee, you, your spouse/domestic partner, and your dependents are eligible for educational assistance through the UNLV grant-in-aid program.

Under the program, if you and/or your family members enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses at any of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) schools, the university will pay a portion of your tuition for state supported, summer session, and community college courses.

The following are not eligible for the Grant-In-Aid benefit:

  • Non-credit courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • Courses that are NOT supported by state funds. This includes remedial courses (ie. Math 95, Eng 95, etc) at UNLV and NSC. Remedial courses taken at CSN are considered state supported and are paid by the GIA benefit.

The provisions for GIA for professionals can be found in the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3.

Course Credit Limits

Below are the maximum credit hours you and your dependents may take under the program. It is your responsibility to pay for credit hours over the maximum amount allowed.

  Fall Spring Summer I Summer II Summer III
Professional / Administrative Faculty 6 6 3
Dependents No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit

Payment Amounts for Undergraduate and Graduate Course Work

Below is the current amount of aid to be paid for undergraduate and graduate course work at NSHE system institutions for the Fall 2016 semester.

Institution Undergraduate Course Work Graduate Course Work
UNLV $141.50 per credit $184.59 per credit
College of Southern Nevada $70.35 per credit (lower-level courses)
$97.74 per credit (upper-level courses)
Nevada State College $91.62 per credit $146.34 per credit
Truckee Meadows Community College $69.25 per credit N/A
University of Nevada, Reno $141.50 per credit $187.04 per credit

Note: The grant-in-aid program does not pay 100 percent tuition, student fees, or late fees. A list of student fees can be found on the UNLV cashiering office website.

Payment Amounts for Dental, Law, and Medical Schools

Below is the current amount of aid to be paid for course work in dental, law, or medical programs at NSHE system institutions.

  • UNLV School of Dental Medicine
    $11,942.00 per semester
  • UNLV Boyd School of Law
    $481.41 per credit (not to exceed $6,762.70)
  • University of Nevada, Reno, Medical School
    A flat amount equal to 16 graduate credits every medical school semester.

Apply for Grant-in-Aid

Follow these steps to apply for grant-in-aid.

  1. Register for your classes.
  2. Complete the grant-in-aid application form.
  3. Submit form to your supervisor for signature.
    Note: Your supervisor’s signature is not necessary for your dependent’s application form.
  4. Fax completed grant-in-aid form to UNLV office of Human Resources at 702-895-1545.

Application Deadlines

To ensure that your benefit is processed prior to the assessment of late fees, your form must be received by Human Resources no later than:

  • Fall 2016 – August 19, 2016
  • Spring 2017 – January 6, 2017
  • 2017 Summer Session I and Summer Session II – May 12, 2017
  • 2017 Summer Session III – July 7, 2017

Please submit your grant-in-aid form before the deadline to avoid paying your entire tuition out of pocket and late fees.

If required to pay for your entire tuition, you will be credited and reimbursed (portion of tuition) after your form is processed. Reimbursement does not include late fees.

To ensure that you receive your Grant-in-Aid benefit, your form must be received by Human Resources by the dates listed below. Forms received after these dates will be considered in-eligible and will NOT be processed:

  • Fall 2016 – October 6, 2016
  • Spring 2017 – Currently not available
  • 2017 Summer Session I and Summer Session II – Currently not available
  • 2017 Summer Session III – Currently not available

Tax Implications

Grant-in-aid paid to professional employees for undergraduate courses is not considered taxable income.

Grant-in-aid paid to professional employees in excess of $5,250 for graduate courses, for the calendar year, is considered taxable income.

Grant-in-aid paid to dependents and spouses/domestic partners of professional employees for undergraduate courses is not considered taxable income. Dependent and spouse/domestic partner Grant-in-aid for graduate level courses, including dental school and law school courses, for calendar year 2014, is considered taxable income to the employee.

Taxes are reported twice a year. For additional information, please consult your tax advisor.

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