In concert with the mission and goals of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Radiography Program is dedicated to the education of students in preparation for entry level clinical practice.  Program administration, faculty and staff provide didactic and clinical education opportunities, which adhere to recognized standards, to all eligible students.  The Program is committed to graduating students who are prepared to write appropriate certifying examinations and who are prepared to become practicing Radiography Professionals.

Goals and Outcomes

  1. Students will become clinically competent.
    1. Students will display proper radiologic positioning skills.
    2. Students will demonstrate proper exposure factor selection.
    3. Students will practice proper radiation safety.
    4.  Students will provide appropriate patient care.
  2. Students will develop acceptable critical thinking skills.
    1. Students will recognize patient conditions and initiate appropriate treatments.
    2. Students will determine corrective measures that may be needed for suboptimal radiographs.
  3. Students will develop acceptable communication skills.
    1. Students will communicate effectively with patients and others.
    2. Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  4. Students will demonstrate professionalism.
    1. Students will demonstrate professional behaviors.
    2. Students will demonstrate a professional work ethic.