Scholarships for Future Students

Scholarships Offered by the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, UNLV Departments, and Colleges

Newly admitted undergraduate students are automatically considered for all UNLV scholarships if they have completed both the admissions application and Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) by the February 1 deadline for the upcoming school year. No additional scholarship application is necessary.

Scholarships for Currently Enrolled Students

Current students are encouraged to apply for the various scholarships available through the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, as these awards are available for undergraduate, graduate, and international students. By completing the Continuing Student Scholarship Application by March 31, you will automatically be considered for scholarships available within the college. The college scholarship committee will match qualified applicants to individual scholarship awards. Additional scholarships are awarded based on need, and completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is required to qualify.

University and college scholarships are usually awarded to students who earn above–average grades. However, there are scholarships that are not merit based with a variety of criteria so scholarships are available to a broad range of students. Grants-in-aid are similar to scholarships in that they are awarded to students on the basis of academic excellence or special service to the university. Nevada Grants-In-Aid are available based on financial need and require completion of the current Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

For more information regarding UNLV scholarships and grand-in-aid applications, students can contact the UNLV Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, located at the Student Services Complex or call 702-895-3424. Hotel College students can also obtain this information from the Office for Student Advising located at Beam Hall, Room 543.

Independent Scholarships

Each year, a number of independent agencies, such as national and state associations and professional organizations, offer scholarships for which students apply directly. The Office for Student Advising notifies students of these opportunities as they become available, through email announcements to the Student Listserv. In addition, consider contacting professional hospitality organizations in your area to explore additional scholarship opportunities.

Some participating agencies include the following: