William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Forms for Associate Editors: Review Procedures

Listed below are the steps of the review process for manuscripts.

  1. Manuscripts received in the editor's office are initially reviewed to determine if the subject matter falls within the general boundaries of the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. Papers are also checked against the guidelines for contributors to determine if other requirements have been met (e.g., four copies of the manuscript, an abstract, proper format).
  2. If a manuscript passes these initial tests, it is sent to an associate editor whose background, experience, and interest match the content of the manuscript. Materials sent to associate editors include:
  3. The associate editor then conducts their own review and also seeks two outside reviews: one from a practitioner and one from an educator.
  4. A maximum of six weeks is allowed for this portion of the review process. After receiving reviews from two outside reviewers, the associate editor prepares a letter to the editor recommending disposition of the manuscript.
  5. When the associate editor completes the review, all copies of the manuscript, the review forms, and comment sheets will be returned to the editor with a cover letter recommending disposition. Manuscripts are the property of the author until they are published in the journal.
  6. Upon return of all materials, the editor reviews the recommendations of the associate editor and the additional reviewers. Based upon their suggestions, the number of manuscripts awaiting publication, and other logistical concerns, the editor will write the author indicating the manuscript falls into one of the following categories:
    • Accept for publication as is (which happens very infrequently).
    • Accept, but return to the author for minor revisions.
    • Accept, but return to author for major revisions.
    • Invite author to revise and resubmit for further review before a public decision is made. If the manuscript is resubmitted, it will be sent to the original associate editor for further review.
    • Rejected outright. The author is advised not to resubmit the manuscript.
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