Hospitality Graduate Student Association

The purpose of the Hospitality Graduate Student Association is to give members the opportunity to connect with graduate students, faculty, and industry experts in the hospitality and tourism fields.

The organization strives to provide networking and educational opportunities that will create a lifelong impact. HGSA’s activities and programs focus on NEEDS (Networking, Education, Entertainment, Development, and Service).

Getting Involved

Membership is available to any graduate students attending classes at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with an interest in the hospitality and tourism industry. If you would like to know more about HGSA, please contact us at [email protected]. You could also .

Who should join?

Graduate students at UNLV who have an interest in hospitality and tourism industry and are interested in looking for additional educational and networking opportunities beyond the classroom.


We will have several events throughout the semester. The schedule and location of the events will be shared in the first general meeting of the semester.

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Contact Us

Elizaveta Golikova
MHA Program
[email protected]
(702) 406-5857

Robert Brooks
MHA Program
[email protected]
(702) 444-1999

VP of Operations
Jane Zhao
[email protected]

Faculty Advisor
Gael Hancock
[email protected]