M.S. in Hotel Administration Degree Requirements

In addition to the general requirements established by the Graduate College, you must meet the following requirements established by the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration:

  1. Successfully complete a minimum of 36 credit hours, of which no less than 24 are in hotel administration. This allows for a variety of supplemental tracks including business and education. At least 27 credits must be 700-level courses.
  2. Successfully complete prerequisite courses if the student’s undergraduate preparation is unsatisfactory. Students are required to have had statistics and accounting in their undergraduate program or will be required to take these undergraduate courses or equivalent prior to enrolling in Financial Analysis or Statistical Analysis at the graduate level. Undergraduate statistics and accounting may be taken at any university or community college prior to entry into the program. An online introductory statistics class is available through our partnership with Harvard Business Publishing for a nominal sum.
  3. Required Courses (see table)
Required Courses
Course No. Course Title
HOA 703 Human Resources and Behavior in the Hospitality Industry
HOA 705 Financial Analysis for the Service Industries
HOA 711 Laws of Innkeeping and Food Service
HOA 716 Principles and Practices in Hotel Management
— or —
HOA 717 Principles and Practices in Convention and Meetings Management
— or —
HOA 718 Principles of Casino and Gaming Management
— or —
HOA 720 Principles and Practices in Food Service Management
HOA 730 Statistical Analysis for Hospitality and Leisure Studies
HOA 731 Operational Analysis in Hospitality Management
HOA 735 Research Methodology
HOA 740 Marketing Systems
HOA 760 Research Seminar in Hotel Administration
— or —
HOA 761 Research Seminar in Food Service Management
— or —
HOA 795 Research Seminar in Hospitality Education (formerly HOA 762)
— or —
HOA 763 Research Seminar in Casino and Gaming Management
— or —
HOA 764 Research Seminar in Convention Management
— or —
HOA 777 Critical Issues in Hospitality Management*
HOA 788 Professional Paper. This option is designed for a more practical hands-on application and takes one semester to complete (3 credits). This option requires an additional 3-credit elective.
— or —
HOA 789 Thesis. This option is designed for students with a research orientation. An oral examination is required of all candidates taking the thesis option (6 credits over two semesters). There is no regular class; you work independently.

*Students may substitute a supporting course for HOA 760, 761, 762, 763 or 777 if taking a concentration of courses in a specific area such as human resource management, accounting or marketing and with approval of their chair or advisor.

Note: Classes in the M.S. program are typically one night per week from 5:30 to 8:20 pm.