Mentor Information and Application

If you work in the Las Vegas hospitality or tourism industry then you have something to share with our students. We ask that you help a UNLV Hotel College student learn from your experiences and professional knowledge.

For one academic year (September – May), you will be paired with a student whose interest matches your professional area.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • COMMUNICATE with students. They are eager to meet you. Call them back as soon as possible.
  • DEDICATE the amount of time to the program that you can comfortably fit into your schedule. It's flexible! Both the Harrah Hotel College and the mentee appreciate the fact that you are volunteering to participate in a student's professional growth and development.
  • EDUCATE the student (mentee) as to what your responsibilities include. Invite your mentee into your work environment to observe you in your professional capacity.

Ways to Foster a Good Relationship

  • Invite your mentee to lunch
  • Give them a tour of your property
  • Allow your mentee to observe a departmental meeting
  • Give your mentee the opportunity to shadow you
  • Call your mentee and let them know the latest news
  • Discuss concerns about the industry
  • Invite your mentee to conferences and/or events

Application Procedures

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete the online application. Additional information will be sent to you via email.