William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Learning Goals

In 2010, the faculty of the Harrah Hotel College developed learning goals for each of the required core classes in the Hospitality Management Major, along with internship and capstone classes. Learning goals are statements that describe the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that learners should have after successfully completing the core classes in the Hospitality Management Major.

By reviewing the learning goals for a given course, students and instructors can keep in mind and discuss the larger picture of student learning within all of the required courses including how projects, assessments, and other learning activities help students accomplish those goals.

Learning Goals – Hospitality Management Major

In addition to the learning goals outlined above, as graduates of the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, you will be able to:

  1. Identify career goals and effective strategies for achieving them.
    • Develop effective interview techniques
    • Articulate your personal elevator speech about your career
  2. Communicate effectively in written, spoken, visual and digital modes
    • To different audiences, e.g. industry leaders, employers, faculty and fellow students
    • Human resources
  3. Manage all forms of capital (e.g., human, financial) in an ethical and sustainable way.
  4. Evaluate changing legal issues based on existing legal principles.
  5. Resolve problems (simple to complex) considering ethical and legal ramifications and risk.
  6. Determine the impact of business transactions on financial statements.
  7. Use historical financial information to prepare operating budgets.
  8. Develop effective marketing strategies to meet changing customer needs and expectations.
  9. Design sustainable marketing mix activities to maximize marketing goals.
  10. Value continuous leadership development.
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